10 Best Sports Apps (And What Makes Them Stand Out)

10 Best Sports Apps (And What Makes Them Stand Out)

While the typical Android and Apple user spends their time on Facebook or Instagram, we sports nuts can’t get enough of our favorite teams and players. What better way to keep tabs than through mobile app developers? Here is a list of 10 great sports apps:


ESPN has made a huge step into the mobile market with tons of content that you simply can’t find anywhere else. The best part about it is that if you’re already paying for cable, you don’t need to pay any sort of subscription fee (unless they plan on adding more content). It’s readily available through your TV providers’ website or App Store and Google Play Store.

NFL Mobile

This app has all the NFL teams, highlights, news, schedules, scores… you name it. They also have exclusive content that they provide through this app that you won’t find on any other platform. If I’m ever trying to check in with what’s going on in my favorite team’s world while I’m stuck in class or work this is definitely my go-to source. It’s available at Apple Store and Google Play Store .

NBA Game Time

The NBA provides their fans with an awesome sports app to get up-to-date scores and stats for every game of the season. You can easily view videos of your favorite players, get info about new trades or signings, check out the schedule , and see standings . It is available at Apple Store and Google Play Store .


If you’re into the beautiful game then the ESPN FC app is for you. You can get in-depth coverage of all the international leagues, scores, news , pictures, videos… just about every kind of soccer-related content that’s out there. And it’s available worldwide so if you’re traveling abroad no worries! Available at Apple Store and Google Play Store .

MLB At Bat

You can’t be a baseball fan without this app. Seriously, I’m not even kidding. This thing has everything: live games (local only), real time stats with graphs, video highlights through Gameday (home or away broadcasts), news, schedules… you name it! It’s available at Apple Store and Google Play Store .

ESPN ScoreCenter

If you’re a fan of college sports then ESPN has that covered as well with the ScoreCenter app. This app keeps track of everything from the MLB to the NFL to NCAA football and basketball games/schedules all in one place. If you need to check up on your alma mater or favorite little league team this is the app for you! Available at Apple Store and Google Play Store .

NFL Fantasy Football

You can set your fantasy roster, trade players, get updates on scores… pretty much every single thing that has to do with daily fantasy right from your phone. It’s an awesome way to keep track of the goings on in your own personal league and to keep tabs with your family or friends’ teams as well. Available at Apple Store and Google Play Store .

Baseball America

If you’re interested in following up-and-coming players, this is definitely the app for you! You can get breaking news, scouting reports , blogs/columns about all sorts of prospects (both major and minor leaguers), and you can even read interviews from top baseball executives. It’s highly informative and an awesome way to follow up on all those little guys that aren’t quite household names yet but might make it onto a big club one day like my hometown hero David Dahl ⚾   Available at Apple Store only (sorry Android users).

Sporting News

This sports app is home to some of the biggest names in sports journalism like Mike McCarthy , Bob Klapisch, Steve Greenberg… you know, THE BEST. It has top stories, breaking news , exclusive content (including written by some of the aforementioned greats), and video highlights/interviews (also available through subscriptions) which you definitely won’t get on any other platform. Available at Apple Store and Google Play Store .

CBS Sports

On this app you can find everything from scores to highlights, schedules , rankings , stats for pretty much anything there is out there on your phone. You can also get alerts about injuries or up-to-date analysis of who’s hot or who’s not by following your favorite teams. It’s available at Apple Store and Google Play Store .

ESPN FC  and NHL GameCenter (with subscription)

My personal favorite things about the ESPN FC app are the live tweeting of games , articles, pictures, video highlights… pretty much everything that I need to keep up with my team when I’m on the go or away from a TV. Hilariously enough all those little tweets show up as notifications on your phone so it feels like you’re right there in the stadium watching every single play go down! You can also stream live games but you’ll have to shell out some cash for a paid subscription for that one. The NHL GameCenter is similar with many features included such as games stats , schedules , scores , news, player profiles , drafts… if you’re a hockey fan this is the way to go. Available at Apple Store and Google Play Store.

And there you have it. My picks for the best sports apps on iOS and Android. I hope that they help all those dedicated fans out there keep track of their favorite teams or find new ones to root for or catch up on all the latest rumors and gossip (be careful with that last one! Some people actually like quiet time!). Whatever your reason is behind downloading these gems onto your phone, may the odds be ever in your favor!

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