10 Interior Design Trends For 2022

10 Interior Design Trends For 2022

As we approach the end of 2021, many people are already looking ahead to what trends will dominate interior design in 2022. Whether you’re planning to remodel your home or just want to stay up-to-date on the latest styles, read on for 10 trends that are sure to be popular next year!

Here are 10 interior design trends that we, as the best interior designers in Bangalore think will be popular in 2022:

  1. Stainless Steel –

Stainless steel has made a huge comeback in the past year or so. It started out being used to create kitchen islands, but now it’s also replacing traditional countertops and backsplashes. We predict that stainless steel will overtake wood as the most popular design element by 2022! Not only does it give off an aesthetically-pleasing modern vibe, but it’s also very practical. It makes cleanup a cinch!

  1. Dark Floors –

In the past, homeowners were all about light flooring. Whites and creams had been popular for decades, but more recently, grey has been an incredibly popular choice of color. Meanwhile, dark floors had fallen out of favor for a long time. However, dark floors are making a comeback! We predict that by 2022, dark hardwood flooring will be incredibly popular.

  1. Plants –

It used to be that if your house lacked natural light, you wouldn’t bother with plants. Many people believed that without proper sunlight, they would die. However, more recently, indoor gardening has become incredibly popular. By 2022, we predict that homes will be filled with plants – both real and fake ones! Not only do they add a pop of color to any room, but they help purify the air and make your home smell great.

  1. Less Is More –

In the past, most homeowners wanted to make a big statement with bold decor. However, in 2022, we predict that the biggest trend will be ‘less is more. By 2022, most people want their homes to appear spacious and minimalistic. This means not having too many items on display and not going overboard with color.

  1. Bold Accents –

Great design doesn’t have to come from flooring or furniture. One of the best ways to add style to your home is through small accents such as pillows and throws! We predict that by 2022, homeowners will continue incorporating bold patterns into their interior design schemes. If you can’t afford a whole new couch or living room set just yet – no problem! Just buy a few accent pieces and put them out to make an immediate statement!

  1. One Color Scheme –

You may not think that you can get away with using one color scheme in your home, but trust us when we say it’s possible. By 2022, most homeowners will continue to use one color throughout their entire home. This doesn’t mean that everything in the house has to be one color. Instead, just pick a primary color and include the same hue in multiple rooms of your home. This will give everything a cohesive look!

  1. Masonry Fireplaces –

For decades, fireplaces were primarily seen as accessories used only in the wintertime or for decoration purposes. However, more recently they’ve started making appearances in interior design magazines and blogs all year round. As technology continues to improve, we predict that masonry fireplaces will become more and more common in homes by 2022.

  1. Multi-Functional Furniture –

In recent years, a lot of homeowners have been getting creative when it comes to furniture. Just look at sofas with hidden storage compartments or tables with built-in charging stations! We predict that in the next few years, this trend will continue to pick up steam with even more fun ideas such as multi-functional kitchen islands and desks. In addition to making your house more functional, they’ll give you an excuse to buy new pieces!

  1. Modern Lighting –

One of the most popular trends right now is industrial lighting. For anyone who wants to make their home look like it came out of a catalog, this is the way to go! We predict that in 2022, homeowners will continue using modern lighting – especially exposed bulb fixtures!

  1. Minimalism –

Minimalism has been one of the top interior design trends for quite some time. However, we’re starting to see more and more people eschewing it in favor of maximalist (where you use multiple decor elements or styles within the same room). However, by 2022, we predict that minimalist decor will come back into fashion. If you don’t want your home to feel cluttered with too many items on display or too much color – minimalism is what you need.


While many trends could come to pass over the next few years, these are some of the ones we predict will become more popular as suggested by the best interior designers in Bangalore. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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