10 transparent animals that will surprise you

The animal kingdom hides thousands of mysteries that are very exciting for the eyes of humans, as in the case of animals that have a transparent body.

The following translucent creatures will surprise you. Other than this you can know more about animals with the help of random animal trivia questions and answers. In this article, we will tell you about 10 transparent animals

The Sea pigs animal:

They are echinoderm animals, belonging to the genus Scotoplanes. These living beings have very long tube-shaped feet. They can move in and out of the water and reach 15 centimeters long.

There are many species of these animals in the world. Normally, they inhabit the ocean at depths of up to 4,000 cubic meters.

The average size of these animals varies between 13-15 centimeters. The speed of this type of animal is very slow.

Giant stripe:

It is a fish belonging to the Rajidae family. They mainly inhabit the Pacific Ocean, in the northern hemisphere.

Giant stripe are 244 centimeters long and reach a weight greater than 80 kilos. They live more or less between 300 and 900 meters deep. They feed on algae and small fish.

Greta Oto Butterfly:

Better known as a crystal butterfly. It is a Lepidoptera of the Nymphalidae family. Such insects are characterized by their transparent wings and inhabit mainly the island of Cuba, but they usually undertake migrations, traveling quite long distances. It has a wingspan of 6 centimeters. They are also known as mirrors.

Due to its transparency, this type of butterfly is also called a little mirror. Normally exist in the central and northern regions of South American, Mexico, and Texas. Despite wings transparency, this type of butterfly is able to carry up to 40 times of its own weight.

Golden Turtle Beetle:

Golden Turtle inhabits much of North America. They can change color and have a shell that serves to mislead their predators. They are very beautiful and have a unique way in the world.

The measured size is 6 millimeters long and their colors vary between orange and gold. They feed mainly on leaves.


It is also known as crystal catfish. They belong to the Siluridae family. Transparent in their entirety and measure 15 centimeters long. They inhabit the oceans of South Asia and their particular form allows them to go unnoticed.

The crystal squids:

They are a family of cephalopods, which inhabit the surface, at an average depth in the oceans. They measure about 8 centimeters. Also, it is estimated that there are more than 60 species of this amazing animal.

Sea squirt:

They belong to the family of tunicates. Inhabit the Antarctic Ocean, where they live in swarms of the same species. They are also known as sea salps. His body is transparent and gelatinous. They feed on algae.

This type of animal is found all over the world where water exists. They love shallow water and stay in shallow water.

Crystal frogs:

They are amphibians of the Anuran family. This species is endemic to central and South America. They are transparent and have a slight green coloration on the back.

You can see your internal organs without any problem. They are very exotic and feed on insects.


These are crustaceans of the family Phronimidae. They are transparent and inhabit the deepest waters of the seas. Carnivorous in nature, although sometimes they also feed on algae. They are 25 mm long and are very similar to shrimp.

Transparent slug:

It is an endemic mollusk of Puerto Rico. The only one of its kind that has a translucent body. It moves at night and usually inhabits the humid forests of that country. It feeds on leaves and small insects.

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