10Survival Tips Every Truck Driver Must Know

Truck Driver

People might think that truck driving is an easy job because it just takes driving. But it’s not. Being a truck driver takes too much effort. The life of truck drivers is all about driving, even sometimes there is no room for rest in their lives. Every job has respect so do they. Being a truck driver is not an easy task. The majority of the truck drivers are for the heavy factory goods, which can be petrol, diesel, metal goods, or anything. They have the responsibility of so much weight, and with that, there are always risks.

Here are some survival tips for drivers to stay safe and secured.

1. Always Get Sleep Before Travelling

We know that the routine of truck drivers is strenuous, and they hardly get any sleep. This is the main reason for the accidents. Almost60% of truck accidents occur because the driver got asleep. Take at least 5-6 hoursof sleep before travelling. Try taking tea or coffee to keep you active. During night travelling, you might doze off. Never risk your life. Switch with another driver if you have not taken enough sleep. This is what most drivers do. And it is an effective strategy to reduce the risk of accidents.

2. Try Not To Travel Alone

Even if you have taken enough sleep, constant driving can lead to exhaustion and frustration. Sitting on the same driving seat for hours leads to irritation. This can affect your driving, and you can lose focus while adjusting again and again on the seat. It is best to have a partner who also knows driving. You can switch with him for an hour or two until you feel comfortable again because you should never put your life at stake.

3. Travel With Enough Water And Food

Whenever you have a trip on a truck, carry yourself enough water and supplies. It has two benefits. The first one is that you do not have to stop at specific points to get things. The second one having food and enough water, will keep you active throughout. It will cause you less tiredness. As truck driving requires a lot of energy so you should be well prepared for that.

4. Slow Down While Taking Turns

This is one of the most crucial points in your driving. At night, when the roads are empty, the truck’s speed is fast as there is enough space on the road and less risk. But, care should be taken while taking turns. This is one of the essential survival tips fordrivers. When you take turns fast, the truck’s weight might lean on one side, leading to imbalance. This causes a severe kind of accident. The entire truck could fall. If you are travelling in the mountains or narrow lanes, it can be even more dangerous.

5. Plan Your Trip-Best Survival Tip For Drivers

Before heading out, have a look at the map and trace your path. Do not rely on GPS only. Plan your trip and beware of the track; you should know where you will take turns and which rough route. Then stick to that. In this way, you will be aware of all the possible tracks. If any hindrance comes, there won’t be any problems.

6. Keep Your Seatbelt Fastened

This is not just for truck drivers only. Every person owning a vehicle must act upon it. It would be best if you always put your safety first. Always fasten your seatbelt. Even when you are not driving but sitting in the truck, do not forget to secure it. We never know what is going to happen, so you should be prepared for it.

7. Always Remain Patient

Patience is the most critical factor in the life of a truck driver. Mostly in trucks, the traffic gets blocked, and sometimes it can take hours from coming out of a bit of traffic. There is always difficultly for truck drivers in such situations,so there is only one solution is to be patient. Never hurry in such cases because it can have serious outcomes.

8. Know About Weather

Weather conditions play an essential role in choosing your route. In heavy rain and snowfall, avoid travelling because in such weather there are so many threats like land sliding. During heavy rain, your truck Off road Wheels might be slippery and can lead to accidents. Sometimes, you have to deliver the goods in that situation you can try improving the quality of the tyres and parts of your truck. If you want to use tyres that offer more grip and strength, go for USA Wheels and Tires. They have remarkable power and would ensure your safety.

9. Avoid Lane Changes

While travelling chose a lane and remained on it. Avoid changing it again and again. You are aware of the size of the truck, and when such a massive vehicle changes its position repeatedly, it can lead to disturbances and accidents. The small cars around you might be changing lanes, but for you, it is advisable to stay on a single one. Also, at some points, it might be necessary for you to change the route. At that time you should go for it.

10. Check Your Truck Before And During Trip

You should always check the potency of your vehicle before travelling. Before a trip, give a thorough examination of your journey. Check the tyres, batteries, brakes and everything. Check if the tyres are leaking air. While taking the trip, try to check the vehicle after intervals so that you can take the necessary measures at that time. Always keep some repairing equipment in the truck so that if there is no workshop available, you can help yourself.


I hope these survival tips for driversmight help you, and you will follow these. Your health and safety must be your priority. Before heading out, always think of your family and remind yourself that you have to travel safely. Keep all these things in mind and have a safe journey always!

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