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11 Amazing Moving Tips to Use 1 Week before Your Move

You have already booked your packers and movers. Your moving date is approaching. The stress of moving is building up in your mind. Amidst all this, the last week of your move is highly crucial.

Most people feel pressure while managing everything that is required for the move. They are not aware of the correct ways to accomplish their moving task one week before.

The scene of your house will be different if you have already planned your move. The boxes and the packing supplies lie here and there. After all, you have been preparing for your move for one month or more.

But no matter you have prepared perfectly for your move, many important tasks are still left. And it is the last week before your move. Now, you don’t have the option of procrastinating on these tasks.

Many of you can’t figure out the most important tasks to do one week before your move. If you are one of them, then the following handy moving tips will be much useful for you:-

1. Defrost the Refrigerator and Unplug Your Appliances

An important task to do one week before is to defrost your refrigerator. Also, you need to unplug your appliances. Well, you don’t need to use several appliances before moving.

So, there is no use to keep these appliances switched on. Also, make sure to empty your ice bin before your move.

2. Stripping Of the Beds

Stripping your beds is also an essential thing before your move. Also, make sure to pack up your sheets as well as the comforter.

3. Calling the Utility Companies

It is good if you call the utility providers one week before your relocation. You need to disconnect your utilities in the old home.

It is also important to set them up in your new home. You can transfer these utilities or set up the new ones as per your needs.

So, calling the utility providers is one of the essential tasks before your relocation. Some of the utilities that you need to manage include garbage, electricity, gas, internet, water, etc.

4. Cancel the Subscriptions

Cancelling any subscription is also important before you leave for your new home. If you don’t cancel them, you’ll have to spare time to cancel them later. So, make sure to cancel them as early as possible.

Some of these subscriptions include magazines, newspapers, grocery deliveries, milk, etc.

5. Transferring Your Bank Accounts

This is also one of the essential things you need to do right before moving to your new locality. You can either transfer your bank account or you can close it as per your requirements.

But it is best if you open a new bank account. But, make sure to open the account before closing the old account. It will help you in making any transaction without any problem.

6. Notify the Address Change

You should also notify the change in your address to everybody. Tell your family members and your friends about your new address. Also give the new home address to your employer, insurance company, children’s schools, banks, and utility companies.

7. Make a Floor Plan

Making a floor plan will be extremely beneficial for you to place your furniture. If you create a floor plan for your new home, you won’t have any problem placing your furniture.

Once you do this, you don’t have to think of placing them after the moving task is done. So, plan the placement of your furniture beforehand.

You can also share the floor plan with your packers and movers. This’ll let them know the right place where you want your furniture to be set up.

8. Donating More Items

Even if you have already donated your stuff, still you have several things to manage. You might have left these things out of confusion during the packing time.

So, now you need to donate your items the last time. Search for the right ways to donate these items. Search for the right places to donate these articles.

9. Prepare the Checklist for the House Clean-up

Once you have packed all your goods, it’s time to plan how you will clean up your old home. This planning should be done one week after the move.

To plan it properly, make sure to prepare a checklist beforehand. The cleaning work is a challenging job. So, you need good planning before your relocation.

If you do this, you won’t have any difficulty in getting the security that you have deposited earlier. Cleaning the house is also essential if you are the owner of the house.

If your house is clean, you can easily post its photos online to sell it. Also, you can show it to the people who are interested in buying your house.

10. Prepare the Survival Kit

Making a survival kit is also necessary before moving. You need to make this kit one week before the move. There are many extreme situations you may face during your move.

So, a survival kit is very important in those times. It lets you keep going with your work. If in case, your moving truck is late, you can take your medicines from the survival kit. Also, you can check any important document you need or any food that you want to eat.

You can also change your clothes if you need them. Also, make sure to keep a first-aid kit in the survival kit.

11. Monitor the Forecast Beforehand

Adverse weather changes will ruin your moving day. There are many incidents when you are stuck due to the bad weather. So, it is crucial to monitor the forecast a week before your move. That’ll help you schedule your move accurately.

Checking for the bad weather is an important thing on your part. If the weather is not favorable to you, consider delaying your shipment. It’ll help you in getting protection from any kind of damages that may happen during the move.


Right planning 1 week before your move is very important. It’ll be easy for you to get a successful move during the moving process with proper planning with moving tips.

If you too are looking to experience a hassle-free move, then use the above-mentioned moving tips. These moving tips will help you and your packers and movers Bangalore to Delhi accomplish the moving job perfectly.