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13 Things That Students Look For In An Accommodation in Lincoln

Lincoln is the county town of Lincolnshire, England, and a cathedral city, non-metropolitan district, and non-metropolitan borough. The Lincoln District has a population of around 291,000 people. Lincoln is the largest settlement in Lincolnshire. Lincoln is also the county seat of Lancaster County. The history of Lincoln dates back to as long as 48 CE.

The cultural and historical attractions in Lincoln include the Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln Castle, Brayford Pool, and The Collection. There are also many parks and nature reserves in Lincoln, such as Hartsholme Country Park, Whisby Nature Park, and South Park. The economy of Lincoln is based on public sector employment, tourism, and retail. The University of Lincoln is also located in the city apart from Lincoln College, Grantham College, Boston College, Somercotes Academy, and Skegness Academy.

13 Things That Students Look For In A Student Accommodation in Lincoln

Here is a list of 13 things that students typically look for when choosing a student accommodation Lincoln.

1. Price:

When you are looking for accommodation, the price is always a consideration. You want to find something that is affordable without sacrificing quality. An apartment with a shared kitchen and a common living area where you can live with one or more of your friends can be more affordable than the private accommodation where you will have your own private apartment.

Also, check if the cost of rent includes the utility bills of electricity, water, gas, internet, and heating.

2. Location:

Another important factor to consider is the location of the accommodation. You want to be close to campus or other important locations in town such as supermarkets, pharmacies, healthcare centers, transport links, pubs, restaurants, and similar other places.

3. Type and Size:

The type of accommodation is also an important consideration. Do you want to live in a student hall, share an apartment, or have your own private apartment? It is also important to find accommodation that is of a good size for you. You don’t want to be cramped up in a small room
or living in an overcrowded house.

student accommodation Lincoln

A comfortable accommodation must have enough space for a bed, desk, chair, study area, kitchen, bathroom, and storage space. According to the type and size of the accommodation, the cost of rent varies.

4. Facilities:

Accommodation with good facilities is always preferable. This could include things like a washing machine, laundry facilities, a kitchen with a microwave, oven, cooking hob, and fridge; broadband internet access, TV, parking space, common room, games area, gym, and swimming pool.

5. Cleanliness:

You don’t want to be living in filth or sharing a bathroom and kitchen with people who don’t keep things tidy. Thus, it is important to check that the accommodation is clean before signing a contract.

6. Security:

One of the most important factors for students is security as offered by Pine Mill, Lincoln. You want to feel safe in your accommodation and know that your belongings are secure. Make sure that you check the security features of any property before deciding to rent it.

Pine Mill Lincoln

7. Noise:

It is also important to consider the noise levels in the accommodation. You don’t want to be kept up all night by your housemates or the people living below you. Noise is not only distracting you while you study but may leave you with sleepless nights.

8. Rent:

The amount of rent that you will have to pay is another important consideration. Make sure that you know how much and when the rent is due so that you can budget accordingly.

9. Contracts:

Read the contract carefully before signing it. Make sure that you understand all of the terms and conditions and that there are no hidden costs. If you have any questions, ask for clarification from the landlord or agent.

10. Insurance:

It is also a good idea to get insurance for your possessions. This will protect your belongings in case of any accidents or theft.

11. Roommates:

If you are not comfortable living with strangers, then it is important to research the people who will be living in the accommodation with you. Otherwise, opt for a studio, or private apartment.

12. Pets:

If you have a pet, then you will need to find accommodation that allows pets. Not all properties do, so make sure to check this before signing any contracts.

13. Privacy:

Finally, you will want to find accommodation that provides you with privacy. This could be a private bedroom with a kitchen and bathroom or an apartment with its own entrance.

So, there you have it – some information on student accommodation in Lincoln, England. If you are ever in the area, be sure to check out some of the amazing attractions and sites as well that this city has to offer.