3 best programming language for mobile app development in 2021

mobile app development

mobile app development

There is no doubt that in 2020, no matter what, a lot of technology trends have emerged, and some of them almost disappeared at the same time.

One of the most popular areas of technology we’ll talk about in this article is programming. Here’s what has changed in the programming world in the past year and the best programming languages for mobile app development ​​you should learn in 2021.

It is no longer a secret for anyone that technologies are developing and changing at a very fast pace. Therefore, knowing what will be in demand today or tomorrow is a small advantage for every programmer who wants to get a profitable and, most importantly, a job they love.

Therefore, in this article, I will present TOP 3 of the best programming languages ​​for mobile applications for 2021.

2020 was undoubtedly the year of full-stack development and insanely beautiful UI / UX design. Apart from this, mobile app development has also received a significant boost from the multitude of tools and frameworks as well as the huge communities working on this open-source software.

Dart Programming language (Flutter platform for creating cross-platform mobile applications)

Google’s Flutter platform has recently become one of the favorite mobile app development kits with a beautiful and responsive user interface for many developers.

If you have experience with object-oriented programming, then learning the Dart language should not be difficult. The Flutter platform concept revolves around a long list of widgets that can seem daunting to learn, but once you get the hang of it, you know it isn’t.

Flutter applications are compiled natively; this means you don’t need to maintain a separate code base for Android and iOS apps; therefore, a lot of time is saved.

Flutter also supports hot reload which greatly speeds up application development.

If we compare Flutter with the more popular react native, for example, then I would definitely recommend Flutter, since working on both platforms I concluded that Flutter is really much better. Plus, applications written in it, with the exception of native development, work much faster.

All these features together make the Dart language, and thus the Flutter platform, one of the best to learn in 2021.

There are only about 200 vacancies available on head hunter on this technology. Of course, this is not enough, and companies do not yet trust this technology very much. This is due to the fact that the Flutter platform is quite young and it is just now starting to gain momentum.

Java (web development, Android application development)

Java is a powerful and popular programming language for Android apps. Almost always takes top positions in the Tiobe rankings. The language is based on object-oriented programming and is at a lower level compared to the previously listed languages.

Programs written in Java can be run anywhere as long as the Java Virtual Machine is running. For this reason, it is cross-platform, as it runs on small devices.

The Java language is mainly used for large web projects and for developing mobile applications.

The popular, versatile, and powerful Spring framework is used to build web applications.

As many people already know, the popular Android operating system for mobile devices also uses Java to develop its applications.

In addition to Java, applications on Android can also be developed in the Kotlin language, which has recently become popular for the environment. Therefore, if you want to go towards developing mobile applications, then for a start it is probably better to still learn the Kotlin language. Of course, it is better to learn both in order to become a more in-demand employee in this area.

5. Swift (apps for iOS, macOS, and watchOS)

If you aspire to become an app developer for iOS? macOS or watchOS, then you should definitely learn the Swift language.

Introduced by Apple in 2014, Swift has proven to be a fairly fast, powerful, and functional. Language for developing applications for Apple operating systems.

In addition, since Apple itself develops and promotes the language. There is no doubt that it will be quite promising and more functional.

The language replaced the then-popular but unloved language for many developers Objective-C.

Of course, due to the fact, that the more used mobile operating system is Android. It is logical that the Swift language will not be so in demand. It is more aimed at the American market, where ios are more popular.




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