4 Reasons to Hire Box Manufacturers for Custom Subscription Packaging

Even if you are not an active social media user or an avid online trends follower, you would still have heard of subscription boxes. Starting up and surviving in the subscription industry is facilitated by pro box manufacturers and their skills.

Of late, every service is just a click away. Customers demand, order, and receive their preferred items through a regular subscription package. It is a far more convenient method than physical shopping every month. Due to evolving lifestyles, subscriptions have become a basic and frequent purchase habit.

Want to know what clicks with clients strongly when trying to entice them in maintaining their subscriptions? And what have expert box makers got to do with subscription packaging?

What do box engineers offer?

Professional box makers are high in demand these days. It is the convenient and affordable packaging they offer that encourages sellers to rely on them for creating the best subscription boxes.

But why can’t sellers craft the boxes on their own? Won’t it be more time and cost-effective? There are several pros of hiring professional box artists. Some of these include the following:

  • Better overall box appearance
  • Scrutinized box production
  • Reduced time wastages and effective resource allocation
  • Professional and expert opinion on box designs

Many other possibilities with employing box makers make them an important factor in branding. The subscription boxes are now used for multiple purposes; these enhance the significance of opting for expert box designers.

How to pick the most appropriate box stylists?

The real question is how to pick from the many options available. How can you be sure that your efforts and money are used to the best capability? We present to you some golden rules to consider before finalizing box engineers.

One: what you want to ship

Subscription markets are extremely lucrative. Hundreds of boxes are shipped regularly. It makes it imperative that each shipment is sent in appropriate boxes that fit the contents perfectly.

Over 52% of customer’s reorder from brands that offer safe deliveries. Box makers make every box creation aspect easier. Ensure that you know the product specifications before specifying them to the box makers.

A good tip is to evaluate the past work of the box engineers to assess their suitability. Take time to go through this as it will influence how functional your subscription boxes would be.

Two: When you want the boxes

Certain times of the year experience higher customer demands. All these combine to create a need for complimenting subscription boxes.

Box manufacturers are the right people to guide you on this. Their expertise can help you in not only designing the boxes for the occasion but also offer custom order quantities. What can work in your stride is calculating the number of boxes your brand would need in the near future. This includes estimating the forecasted sales during the upcoming holiday and promotional periods.

Moreover, box designs can be conveniently altered without having to change the entire box layout. A good method is to ask your designated box makers for samples and prototypes. This would prove whether they can design the boxes for every occasion.

box manufacturers

Three: The resources at your disposal

Who you employ as your printing partner also depends on your financial capacities. Start by evaluating the free-of-cost services offered by box engineers. These typically include free shipping, a fast turnaround time, and free consultation, among others.

Services like these help to reduce packaging costs. Printing houses that offer the best value for money deals are a better choice financially. Certain box makers do not offer custom order quantities, meaning that you can only order in bulk. Obtaining boxes in required numbers is a good way to maintain sound budgets.

Four: Modern designs and printing techniques

Subscription boxes certainly shouldn’t look old and outdated! They must look contemporary and this can be realized via modern printing methods.

Look for the printing mechanisms and coloring techniques that your box makers use. If these are not up-to-the-mark, the subscription custom packaging would fail to impress clients. Again evaluating the past work of the printing partners would give a clear perception of what to expect from them.

For instance, using flexography or lithography depending on the designs and brand image. A blend of modern colors also makes a long-lasting visual impact.

All these considerations are sure to end up with your brand making a better and more informed box maker choice.

Why do these matter?

The truth is that over 60% of customers prefer buying branded boxes. These enhance the shopping experience and the perceived brand value. More than elevating brand aesthetics, custom subscription boxes provide a memorable unboxing procedure too.

Additionally, the customized boxes made by expert designers impose:

  • A stronger brand image that lingers in customers’ minds for long.
  • Better brand worth
  • A dire need to avail and/or continue with subscriptions
  • A loop of sharing unboxing videos online and encouraging others to buy the brand.
  • Reduced need for more costly marketing campaigns as the boxes do the job.

With all the above and more upsides of availing the services of box manufacturers, there is no better alternative to creating subscription boxes. Your brand needs to be wary of how the boxes would shape up and look through all the available options before finalizing the stylists.


The above info creates a fool-proof way of expanding brand recognition and customer loyalty via productive subscription packaging. Get in touch with us now to get the best and most affordable packaging solutions under one roof!