4 Things You Didn’t Know About Beard Oils Before

The market is full of different types of beard oils in which CBD beard oil is also included. 100% natural formulation oils, non-natural, and mixed formulation oils are beneficial for the beard in numerous ways. We recommend that you need to use 100% natural beard oils. The reason is that natural oils keep your beard away from chemicals.

Beard oils are made up of base oil and essential oils.

The base oil can be, for example, castor, argon, jojoba, or coconut. We can read these names on beard oil packaging boxes. Each one has its properties and benefits. For example, castor bean is denser than argon and provides a slight fixation to the oil. Coconut oil, although it works very well in a cold environment, tends to solidify, and you need to apply heat before using it.

On the other hand, we have essential oils. These oils have very high purity and provide both aroma and antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, or fungicidal properties. As a general rule, most of us have healthy beards and skin, so we will be guided more by the aroma that we like rather than by the properties of essential oils. However, if we have skin problems beyond the typical flaking or dryness, we recommend going to the dermatologist to find out what treatment to take.

In a particular case of getting aroma and protection, the best oil can be branded beard oil. It is manufacture in a 100% natural products laboratory. These oils are based on argan and castor so that they can spread well on the hands and beard, and at the same time, add a slight fixation to our beard. The manufacturers also have different lines of scents, with a variety of essential oils that provide them with a very characteristic aroma.

How much oil do I need to put on?

The amount of oil we use depends on several factors, such as the length of our beard, the density, and the type of hair we have. We can have a longer but less dense beard, shorter and thicker, or curly. In general, for long, very curly, or very thick beards, we will need a whole dropper. As the beards are shorter or with less density, we will decrease the amount of oil.

We need to keep in mind that the beard is like a sponge. So, a time comes when the beard stops absorbing more oil. No matter how much you add oil. For this reason, we need to control the amount of oil we put in to avoid looking too shiny since we will be wasting product. The best practice here is to start beard oil from a minimum volume. If you feel that you have not achieved your target of making your beard healthy and stylish, take only a small volume once again. We assure you that one drop of beard oil can be enough for your beard.

How we can beard oil apply?

It must be clear that the oil is both for the hair and skin. Therefore, the way to apply the oil correctly is to put the corresponding amount in the palm and spread both the palms and the fingers. Once we have the oil in our hands, we begin to apply it with our fingertips on our skin, in zigzag and downward movements. Next, we distribute the oil from our palms throughout the beard evenly until it disappears from our hands.

Finally, we reload the fingertips with the remaining product from our palms, and we also hydrate our mustache. We emphasize distributing the oil in a downward direction because it is a very common mistake that we often make. We tend to think that beard hair is the same as head hair, but it is not. The beard hair is much harder and, if we distribute the oil randomly, the only thing we will achieve is to tangle our beard. These bread oils and all types of oils can also be packed in custom printed CBD oils packaging boxes. On these boxes manufacturers can print the details of how to use oil in the best way. You can also print your logo and brand name and can design your boxes with the latest box styles. Like die cut boxes and many other options of boxes style to grab the attention of customers. 

When is beard oil used?

This question is very easy to answer, every day. We have to be in the habit, just like we brush our teeth or wash our heads when showering. We have to use beard oil every day. Ideally, after showering, with your beard towel-dry or slightly damp, apply the beard oil as we have seen above. We all know the relationship between water and oil. If there is a lot of water leave in our beard, this water will make a layer between the oil and the beard. It will not distribute well, and we will waste product. With this, we have already resolved all the doubts about this product. We think this information is enough for those who have now planned to start using beard oil. So, if you are one of them, start using CBD beard oil and give your viewers a new but stylish look.