5 Best Flowers To Lighten Every Occasion

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Well, flowers are presented more than you think. They serve our ecosystem, bring our spirits into balance, offer protection for many organisms, produce fruits and seeds and much more. Research shows that passing flowers can lead to higher productivity in humans. Therefore, it is always advisable to add plants and greenery to your home and workplace. Order flowers from online flower delivery in Chennai and have a blessed mood.

Being around flowers can improve concentration and memory by up to 20 percent. That’s huge. Caring for plants can reduce psychological stress. Undoubtedly communication with plants enhances the natural feeling and makes you feel relaxed. If you want to take care of yourself, take care of the plants. Because with plants, you will never be stressed and unproductive. You can be people’s best friends when you spend time with them.


The lotus is considered one of the prime flowers in the world. It is also a religious flower. Lotus represents purity, prosperity, spirituality and enlightenment, even if it grows in swamps. Importantly they symbolizes purity over evil and is also known as the flower of rebirth. The lotus flower has many varieties.

These flowers come in six primary colours: white, pink, yellow, red, blue, and purple, and each colour has its spirituality and representation.

Apart from its religious and spiritual significance, the lotus has many other vital uses. India’s national flower, the lotus, is used in flavoured products, has medicinal benefits, and is edible. Additionally it is used as a salad, and the seeds can be used in soups and sausages.


Roses are available in various sizes and colours and belong to the Rosaceae family. There are more than 2500 varieties of roses in multiple colours and sizes. These flowers are used both outside and inside as they decorate the environment very elegantly and give serenity to the surroundings. Some of the colours commonly used by the public are white roses, pink roses, red roses, yellow roses, and many others, with each colour having its meaning.

White roses often stand for purity, innocence and symbolize new beginnings and eternal love. Additionally beautiful yellow roses in the colour of the Sun symbolize friendship, warmth and love. Order flowers online for someone who will love them and cherish them as gifts. Mainly these flowers are perfect for someone who needs good wishes as they brighten every day. 


Cloves or cloves have a scientific name, namely. Dianthus caryophyllus. They are the second most common cut flower after roses. Not only this carnation is the national flower of Spain and Slovenia. Like other flowers, carnations are reusable.

They are used in cosmetic products because the oil is effective in treating wrinkles and skin diseases. Clove tea helps reduce stress and gives you energy. They lower the temperature and treat stomach aches. Carnations grow in a variety of colours, including white, yellow, pink, purple, red. Moreover white carnations symbolize purity and happiness. Purple carnations symbolize moodiness and red carnations symbolize love and affection.


Marigolds, one of the most beautiful flowers and one of the earliest cultivated flowers, bring sunshine to your garden and fill your day with positivity with lots of butterflies around you. Marigolds need well-drained sun and sun to bloom beautifully.

These are yellow-orange. They can be found in almost all parts of the world because they bloom quickly, have fewer requirements, and have no problems with disease. A plus of marigolds in your garden is that they will protect vegetables and other plants from predators and pets.

Marigolds have solid medicinal uses. The flavonoids contained in calendula have an inhibitory effect against colon cancer, leukemia and melanoma cells. Not only this they have many benefits against headaches, swelling, toothache, wounds and many skin problems. Marigold helps relieve menstrual cramps and cramps.


Daisies are one of the most beautiful flowers that can be found almost everywhere except Antarctica. It makes up nearly 10% of all flowering plants on earth. These belong to the daisy family. Additionally it is the most prominent family of flowering plants with more than 1,500 genera and 23,000 species.

Aster is a small flower with a bright yellow centre, about 25, with each flower growing in a different season. MoreoverThey can increase quickly in flower beds. This flower only needs sunlight and water to grow.

Asters are rich in vitamin C. They are biennial plants, which means that the life of the asters ends after two years. These flowers are sometimes used in homeopathy to speed healing and are also used to treat injuries.

Flowers play an essential role in cleaning the environment. Some flowers clean soil and water and aerate the ground, which reduces soil erosion – like sunflowers. Sunflowers can absorb radioactive materials and other harmful pollutants from the earth and keep it clean. Some flowers even purify water because their roots remove toxic substances from the water.

Lastly, Flowers are a food source for many insects and organisms and serve as shelter. In this way, the balance of the ecosystem is maintained by stabilizing the food chain.

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