5 Common Mistakes In Photography That Can Easily Be Avoided

After having surveyed some photography experts and collaborators, we have compiled these 5 most common mistakes, those into which we can most easily fall, but which are also easy to avoid. Let’s check on them.

Not using the correct format is a common mistake in photos.

Your device allows you to save your photos in different formats. Not choosing the correct format is a very common mistake, especially when starting out in the industry. This error is tricky because it cannot be corrected afterwards but you can avoid it if you are careful. You can take pictures in JPEG or RAW format. We recommend that you use the RAW format whenever possible. Why ? Mainly because the JPEG format serves as a compressed format. It does not save all the information in the photo and loses quality. So that you will have much less possibilities to modify it in post-production. Not to mention that the slightest modification will make you lose even more quality.

One of the common mistakes in photography is to choose the wrong type of lens.

The type of lens to use for one photo over another isn’t a rule set in stone. A wide angle is normally used for taking pictures of landscapes or large spaces and a parfocal lens for pictures of nature or sports. But that does not imply to always use these objectives for these disciplines. On the other hand, you must be aware of the effect produced by each of these lenses on your photos.

If you use a wide angle for a portrait, the effect will be more comical than with a telephoto lens, where the image is compressed. You just need to know what effect you are going to produce on the image to choose the right lens.

Not using a tripod or remote control is one of the common mistakes in photography.

Even if you have strength in your arms or always use your camera in your hand with really high shutter speeds, there are still occasions when using a tripod or a remote control is. essential. As bulky as it is, the tripod is an essential accessory for all photographers. By the way, nowadays there are compact and travel tripods that weigh really light. When you want to practice night photography or astrophotography, you will see how important it is to have a tripod in your gear.

And the next essential step will be the remote control. This is because even if you have installed the camera on a tripod. Pressing the shutter release button will also cause vibrations in your photos if you use a low shutter speed. Stable photos, especially night shots, come with two basic accessories: a tripod and a remote control.

Running out of battery at the most important moment

Running out of batteries without having had time to complete your photo shoot is one of the most common mistakes in photography. Whether it’s because you forgot to recharge them after your previous session, or because they are already worn out and last a short time, good batteries are something that should always be taken into account.

In addition to one or two batteries in your equipment, we advise you to have an external power grip so as not to find yourself without energy in the middle of a photo shoot. This will not prevent you, of course, from recharging your batteries each time you start a session, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Formatting memory card by accident is one of the common mistakes in photos.

Here is another point which seems obvious but which is nevertheless the lot of many photographers, for some for a long time. When you go to the menu of your device to format the memory card and start a new session, make sure you have already saved these photos on your computer, on your hard drive or on another card.

It wouldn’t be the first time someone has lost photos for believing they had saved them somewhere other than their memory card. Always organize your photos well to avoid this. Or try relying on a large capacity card to avoid having to constantly format it. That’s all you need to know!