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5 Golden Rules to Design a Great and Memorable Logo

A logo is the identity of a business. You make a logo to convey your brand’s message using art or a symbol. It is essential for your business to help customers remember or recall your brand. Just like we humans have a name which is our identity, a logo also helps brands distinguish from others and maintain individuality. There’s a lot of demand for logo creation in the graphic design industry, which shows the importance of having a logo for companies.

Whether you want to get a logo designed or are a designer, know these rules to craft a great logo.

Quick Example

Your logo needs to be unique and easy to remember. A good logo is always memorable, even if it’s just text. For example, the logo of Uber. How simple is that? There is just Uber written in white color with a black background and sometimes vice versa. But whenever you hear the word Uber, you get its image in your mind.


5 Important Rules to Design an Interesting Logo

Below, we’ll discuss five essential rules for creating a logo.

  1. A logo is timeless

One of the essential things for designing a logo is that it should be timeless. Your logo shouldn’t look outdated if people see it years later. Many people would not be able to relate with it then. That’s why it’s important not to design a logo keeping viral trends in primary consideration. Business owners do not change the main design of the logo. However, they upgrade their logos from their previous versions. For example, you see the KFC and Microsoft logos, which have been slightly changing since 1952. But the main elements of the logos haven’t changed.



  1. Simplicity in Logo

Your logo should be easy to understand. It should not be too complicated. For example, the Amazon logo is simple but made creatively. The arrow starts from A of amazon and ends on Z. It shows that they have everything from A to Z. The name Amazon tells that their website is like a forest of goods and materials. Just look at the Apple company’s logo. How simple is that!

  1. Readable text

When you create a logo, remember this logo is not only for your website. It will appear on your contact card. Your logo will also appear on your boxes and bags if you sell some products or do any business. Have you seen a company print its logo on stuff like diaries, mugs, and even pens? Their logo appears perfectly on everything.

Your logo is going to be the representative of your company. Whenever someone listens to your brand’s name, they’ll recall a picture of your brand’s logo in their mind. Think like this: When you hear the word of amazon before you think of any forest, the amazon brand logo comes to mind, right? And that’s why whatever text you add to your logo must be readable. It should be understandable even if someone’s seeing your logo on a visiting card. The fonts in your logo must not be such that people can’t read it with ease when looking at your shop’s logo.

Moreover, it isn’t necessary to make symbols and text appear separately. For instance: See the LG logo. A small pink circle has written L and G inside it beautifully.

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  1. Draw your logo with a pencil on paper first

Don’t open Adobe Photoshop or any other tool in the first place. Try to make your logo on paper. After you complete your design on it, then color your logo. When you make the perfect logo on a copy, show it to people and ask for their feedback. Listen to the useful critics and try to improve your logo. Then complete it in Photoshop.

Creating the first design on a computer without first making it on paper doesn’t let you have a free hand compared to drawing on paper. Also, it is said that your logo must look good without colors; if not, it would not be a good logo. So, you must draw it in black and white first.

  1. Colors of logo

Colors used in your logo hold your brand’s vibe. It attracts the target audience. A toy shop’s logo would not be dark brown. They would use primarily bright colors like yellow, red, orange, green, and light blue. IT companies would mostly have black, gray, blue, and relatable colors. Oil companies have red, orange, and yellow shades in their logo. For example, Shell company’s logo. It’s red and yellow. The yellow color can represent the sun and outdoors, and since oil produces energy and shell’s an oil company, yellow represents energy. McDonald’s logo is also red and yellow, but yellow represents happiness in McDonald’s logo.

Tips to Get Ideas for Logos

To get ideas for making your logo, you can think of the following things. Think about these things and brainstorm ideas to design your logo.

  • What do you want to do?
  • How do you want to do?
  • What’s the difference between your services and other services?

Use your creativity effectively. If you have trouble creating a logo or don’t have enough time, you can reach out to logo design affordable services. They will make high resolution, transparent, and printable logo for your business.

Do not copy anyone’s design. However, color combinations sometimes don’t seem copied. But it happens when you actually haven’t duplicated. For example, Shell Logo’s colors resemble the McDonald’s logo, and KitKat’s logo resembles the Coca-Cola logo.


In the end, it’s all about creativity. Just because you see everyone talking about making simple logos, you shouldn’t end up making a similar logo like them. Try coming up with something innovative and unique. That’s where creativity would come in.