5 Top Qualities to Become an SEO Article Writer

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As the saying goes, “A writer writes. If you want to be a writer, write.”

Simple, right? Well, to be an SEO article writer, it takes a little more than that. Of course, having a strong vocabulary, the ability to use clear language, and a unique voice are all important characteristics, but when it comes to being a content writer for SEO, you’ll need all this and more.

Let’s explore the five top qualities to become an SEO content writer.

Understanding The Use of Keywords

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the practice of increasing traffic to a website through the use of easy-to-use and easy-to-understand language. A word or phrase in a website’s content is optimized, making the site show up on top of the results page when one uses main search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

However, it’s more than inserting these words and phrases haphazardly into one’s writing. Keyword usage that is natural and makes an article easy to read will produce higher search rankings than websites that simply stuff keywords into an article. SEO article writers place keywords naturally within their text. This helps to keep articles informative and authentic above all else.

Conducting Thorough Research

Once you’ve attracted someone to a site based on your SEO article, you need to have written an article that presents facts about the website’s products or services. That’s where research comes in.

Not technically savvy but writing about a new mobile application? A long-time dog owner but writing about cat food products? Live in Florida but writing an article about Minnesota real estate? This is where you need to put on your “facts gathering” hat and put together as much information as you can on a subject you may know nothing about.

Do you have to become an expert? No…but you may have to lead the reader into believing that you are. Clients buy SEO articles to increase traffic to their sites, in hopes that more traffic will equal increased sales or a larger customer base. Producing an engaging and fact-filled article will help your client to reach their goal and expectations.

Knowing What The Reader Wants

An SEO content writer will produce articles that are readable and successfully employ keywords that can drive websites high on search engine results.

But an effective SEO content writer will go a step further: they will write articles that focus on what the reader needs. In other words, SEO article writers do not simply rehash information they’ve learned from their research. The copy should engage the reader and, more, lead them to take action, such as purchasing a product or using a service.

Besides being well-optimized and informative, SEO content should be persuasive as well. This is where the SEO article writer becomes a copywriter. A copywriter is one who writes contents for ads and promotions to interest consumers in a particular good or service.

Becoming an SEO article writer takes more than writing clearly and informatively; it will take one who understands their audience and focuses on answering readers’ questions and providing information they want to know.

Getting To Know The Client

SEO article writing is about more than producing a one-off piece of content that will drive up rankings on search engines and little else. SEO content writers not only satisfy readers or consumers; they also satisfy clients.

To that end, SEO article writers create content that supports all other information provided on a client’s website. The writer should get to know the client’s site and become more than passingly familiar with the client’s product or service.

The SEO article writer must ensure that their writing does not stray from the main message of the client’s website.

Producing Content With Speed And Accuracy

Conducting the necessary research and understanding what the reader wants will lead an SEO article writer to write with accuracy, but another component that’s important to SEO writing is a quick turnaround time. Short deadlines are not uncommon in the world of SEO writing.

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