5 Ways To Hang Boxing Punching Bags (Recommended Ways)

A punching bag is exercise equipment for Combat Sports if you want to take up boxing. Boxing punching bags are a heavy and useful addition to your home gym. However, you have to hang this dynamic piece of equipment properly. Even the lightest boxing bags will put immense pressure on the ceiling due to workout practices. Our professionals have certain extractions to guide you on how and where to hang a boxing punching bag.

A proper guide; before getting started to hang a punching bag

There are some great ways to hang punching bags for boxing workouts. Before you get started, you need to know a few things like:

  • Bag weight when filled?
  • Location for the Punching bag

Punching Bag Weight

It is much needed to know the bag’s weight to prevent an installation mishap, i. However, the boxing bags come in a wide variety of different weights. For example, some boxing punching bags weigh high, and some are weightless, but an average heavy bag weighs around 70 to 100 pounds. Furthermore, heavy commercial bags weigh around 200 pounds, but they are particular for boxing gyms.

It is really necessary to understand the equation of bag weight and how much weight needs to be supported. After striking the punching bag, the force that is exerted on it along with the bag weight. Consequently, the bag will start to swing, resulting in centrifugal force. This swinging creates a centrifugal force that could be more than the actual weight of the bag. So, according to a rough estimate, a 100 pounds bag needs 200 pounds of support.

Location for the Punching bag


After purchasing any punching bag, find a nice location to hang it. The perfect workout exercises require 360-degree access; keep this thing in mind while selecting the place. Check on all the available options and, after considering various factors, decide the space.

We will provide you with details of different ways to hang the punching bag for your convenience.

  1. Hang from

    a Support Beam

Typically, it is the most popular way to hang the punching bag to a support beam on the ceiling. Hanging a punching bag from a beam will provide you with better mobility during workout sessions. The beam should be strong enough to avoid any serious damage.

Before starting the procedure, keep in mind the following pieces of equipment:

  • Power Drill and drill bits
  • EyeBolt
  • Wrench
  • Bag and Chains
  • S-hook

Here are basic steps for installation and make sure there is someone else there to help you:

  1. Using the power drill, drill a hole in the support beam.
  2. Twist an EyeBolt into the hole, avoid using hooks at this stage, and tighten the eyebolt with a Wrench.
  3. Connect the bag to the bag chains, then connect chains to the S-hook.
  4. Lift the bag and chains to the S-hook, use some help if required.

In the end, throw a few punches and kicks to test whether the bag is properly secure for boxing workouts. Check eye level as well for durability and safety. We also suggest you use an eyebolt instead of any basic hook. Follow this procedure to avoid any inconvenience as the bag can easily slip away from the hook during training drills.


  1. Using Ceiling Mount


There are many ceiling mounts available in the market, even online, especially in athletic stores. Usually, it comes with required nuts and bolts, therefore easing up the hanging process. These mounts are placed on beams or joists. Especially a location where the joist of the beam is the point where they offer the strongest support.

The following equipment is needed to install the ceiling mount:

  • Marker
  • Power Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Bag and Chains
  • Mount
  • Nuts and Bolts

We will guide you about the basic steps of installation of boxing bags using a ceiling mount:

  1. Hold the mount in place on the ceiling and mark out the placement of bolts.
  2. Drill-marked holes in the ceiling.
  3. Place the mount and screw in the bolts and use screwdrivers to put the mount in the ceiling.
  4. In the next step, attach the bag to the chains and then S-hook.
  5. Lift the heavy bag and hang it on the mount with the help of an S-hook. Ask for help from any helper if needed.

If the boxing punching bags are in place, to check whether it is in a secure place, strike it a few times to test. To avoid damage to your wall, do not hang the bag on drywall.

  1. Using a Wall Mount


If you cannot hang the punching bag, you might prefer using a wall mount. Or, if you are not comfortable with hanging the boxing bag on the ceiling, you have the option of wall mounts. One can place an online order with all the required equipment. While getting hardware for mounting, you need to be an expert heavy bag hanger to purchase stuff.

To install wall mount properly, you must need the following:

  • Marker
  • Power Drill
  • Screw Driver
  • Wrench
  • Bag and Chains
  • Mounts
  • Nuts and Bolts

The basic step of the installation is given below:

  1. To mark out the placement of bolds, hold the mount firmly in place.
  2. Drill holes in the wall precisely on the marked areas.
  3. After that, place the mount on the wall and then tighten the bolts.
  4. In the next step, attach the S-hook and the bag to the chain.
  5. Lift the bag, and hang it on the wall mount.


Furthermore, try to avoid drywall for wall mounting and apply installation methods only on masonry walls. Finally, practice a few punches to check whether there are any issues with the mount.

  1. Use a Stand

If you want to avoid putting holes in the ceiling or walls, a boxing bag stand is there as a choice. Although we do not recommend this much but option is there.

It could be the last option for hanging a punching bag because these stands are not always stable enough. As they are portable, they are risky for hanging heavy bags. In addition, they move a lot and topple during intense workouts. So we do not recommend it due to safety hazards.

But if you are left with no option, the hanging bag is very simple, and all you do is attach the chain to the S-hook.

Pick the best method and location by following the instructions. Then, check your punch bag workouts, ask us for advice and information, and hang it on the stand.


  1. Attach the mount to the hardwood board


Most of the mounts include all hardware needed to be attached to the ceiling. In addition, one may need equipment like a drill, screwdriver, and other attachment tools. Finally, one must attach the mount of the middle ceiling joist and make sure to go according to the following instructions:

  • Never install this mount into drywall.
  • Try to stick the heavy bag chain or spring between the chains and mount. Such fixation of mount and chains reduce vibration and provide safety to walls.
  • After hanging the punch bag, give the bag a few test punches to test durability and flexibility.

A Concluded Notes

There are several options for hanging boxing bags for the home practice sessions. First, make sure that the punching bag is securely in place before starting a workout.


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