7 Best Video Calling API and SDK Providers for Android, iOS and Web Apps

Getting connected with customers and team members in remote locations has become easier with the growing popularity of video calling applications like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and others. This is the reason that most startups and product-based organizations have started building their own live video call application. Are you looking to develop your video app too? You can leverage a video calling API for the same. In this blog, we shall discuss the top video calling API  providers in 2022. Stay with us and read on.

Meaning of video call API and SDK

A video call API (Application Programming Interface) can be defined as a plug-and-play component that you can add to your existing communication platform to leverage audio and video functionalities. A video call SDK ( Software Development Kit) can be described as a pre-made app development kit that offers ready-made video calling functionalities including AR-based filters, virtual backgrounds, voice effects, and many more. 

The best part about video calling API and SDK providers is that they help businesses reduce app development costs and save them from the burden of building everything from scratch. Also, a live video call API and SDK tend to provide you with top-notch video calling features including live video streaming, public/private meeting rooms, virtual filters, live recording, customizable user interface, and a lot more. 

Top 7 video calling API and SDK Providers in 2023

If you’ve been having a hard time choosing a suitable video API for your business, we are here to help. There are multiple good options in the market. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones: 

1. MirrorFly – #1 Real-time Live Video call API

MirrorFly is a top-grade live video call API that facilitates face-to-face video chat experiences. It helps you build a custom video chat app for iOS, Android, and web platforms. MirrorFly provides you with 150+ video chat functionalities. It has powered billions of conversations and has 1 billion+ concurrent users and 99.99% uptime SLA. 

  • Peer-to-peer virtual connection – MirrorFly allows you to connect with unlimited participants and individual users during virtual interactions.
  • Picture-in-picture across devices – The MirrorFly video chat API makes it easier to watch third-party links within the chat screen with a floating window mode.
  • Custom capture and render for split screens – MirrorFly enables you to customize the video call screen based on the user’s preferences. The split screen feature helps in changing chat screens during business discussions and interviews.
  • Live call recording – With this feature, you can capture live video chat sessions for archiving and playbacks.
  • Secure file sharing – Share media files including documents, images, and others with unlimited users within a group or individual through the drag and drop option.

2. Agora – Live video call API for quality video engagement

Agora provides everything that you need to build a completely real-time experience. It offers fully customizable SDKs and flexible APIs for smoother video chat experiences. You can easily embed real-time video chat into the web, mobile, and native apps. 

  • High-quality audio – The API provides you with a 48 kHz sampling rate with full sound bandwidth and enables natural audio reproduction.
  • HD video chat – Agora’s advanced API enables adaptive resolution from 96p to 1080p and guarantees better video qualitY.
  • Noise cancellation – The API adapts to variant acoustic conditions and removes distracting noises.
  • Screen sharing – The Agora video calling API enables users to share their entire screens, specific areas, or a designated tab.
  • Customized video appearance – Agora’s API provides you with augmented-reality facial masks and filtering.

3. Video SDK. Live – The easiest way to build powerful video apps 

Video SDK is a powerful video calling API that helps developers facilitate live audio and video experiences on any platform within minutes. Video SDK’s list of satisfied customers includes Wistia, Kajabi, Miss Malini, and many others. With 10 mins easy setup, around 2500 developers vouch for Video SDK. 

  • Quality audio streaming – Video SDK allows you to enable full bandwidth audio with very low latency
  • Virtual meeting rooms – With Video SDK, you can create backstage, on-stage, and breakout rooms and even connect them with each other. This makes it easier to manage the video participants, collect room data, and much more.
  • Call capturing – One of the best parts about the video calling API is its live video recording feature. You can easily capture video calls in real time and add watermarks.
  • Active speaker indication – With Video SDK’s API, you can easily figure out the active speakers. This, in turn, helps create smoother video experiences in large-sized video conferences.
  • Customized video experiences – The API facilitates cross-channel video experiences and personalizes user experiences for multiple platforms like React Native, iOS, and others.

4. Enablex – Powerful video chat API for building powerful apps

Enablex is one of the best engagement platforms for live video calls. It helps you build video solutions that engage. Enablex is best for an in-app live video calling experience with programmable building blocks. It has collaborated with some top companies including Infosys, Paytm, Deloitte Digital, and many others. 

  • Live recording – Enablex helps you record your calls exactly the way you experience them.
  • Breakout rooms – It helps you easily create one-to-one or smaller group conversations.
  • Active talker – The best part about Enablex is that it enables you to highlight the last 12 speakers in a large-scale call.
  • Watermarking – With Enablex, you can specify the exact location where you want to place the watermark on the recorded video.
  • Live streaming – Enablex enables you to expand your reach to millions of potential users by live streaming to any RTMP or CDN provider.

5. Twilio – Data-driven customer engagement at scale 

Twilio enables you to facilitate personalized interactions and trusted communications. It supports all devices and major browsers with JS, iOS, and Android SDKs. Twilio provides you with video calling solutions for major industries like telehealth, education, sales and field services, and many others. 

  • Customised video solutions  – Twilio enables you to customize your video chat layout as per your brand requirements.
  • Video recording – With Twilio, you can record video for future reference and store media by generating encrypted recordings.
  • Secure video interactions – The best part about Twilio is that it is GDPR compliant.
  • Whiteboard option – Twilio enables you to add animates, whiteboards, and more for engagement.
  • Noise cancellation – Add AI-powered noise cancellation to video calls and avoid distracting sounds.

6. Apphitect – Leading app development solution

Apphitect is UAE’s top video chat and messaging solution. With 8 years of expert experience, it has delivered 600+ applications. Apphitect has served some popular companies including Mahindra, Dr. Reddy’s, Accenture, and many others. 

  • Connect with customers and team with real-time video conferencing options. 
  • Facilitate secured video call recording for playback purposes. 
  • Schedule hassle-free team conferences. 
  • Get robust cloud backup and storage. 
  • Utilize chat analytics to track the number of active users and groups. 

7. – WebRTC video call solution for every developer

Daily allows you to build real-time video chats with 15,000 participants. The API is trusted by top-notch companies such as AppFolio, HotDoc, Pitch, TeamFlow, and many others. With Daily, you can easily create 300 participant group calls with active microphones and cameras. 

  • Custom UI – The Daily API and SDK are compatible with all front-end frameworks.
  • Secure video calling – Daily enables you to build HIPAA-compliant video chat with a BAA.
  • Cross-platform compatibility – Daily supports JS, React Native, iOS, Android, Flutter, and some low-level code platforms like macOS, Ubuntu, and others.
  • Location-optimized servers – Daily facilitates the best bandwidth latency for all video call participants having different locations.
  • Automated switch algorithms – With Daily, it becomes easier to switch from peer-to-peer video calls to group conferences.


We hope our article helped you gain a fair understanding of the top video calling API providers in the market. It helps you build a live video chat app for iOS, Android, and web platforms. So, wait no more. Select the video chat API that best suits your video requirements and reach the top of virtual interactions. 

Good luck with all your future endeavors.