7 New Requirements to Consider While Hosting a Virtual AGM in 2022

annual general meetings have to be held every year on a decided day. With virtual technology, these meetings have become easier. All you need is to know the latest trends and features you can add to your virtual AGM. So, here are some of the most required and latest features that you must know before you host one.

7 New Requirements for Holding a Virtual AGM in 2022!

7 New requirements that can be helpful to hold a virtual AGM are as follows:

  1. Place and Time of Meeting

You can use various places and times for meeting with the virtual AGM platform. So, think of the best time when all the stakeholders can be free to attend your meeting. Moreover, it is essential for every stakeholder to join the meeting. So, discuss with everyone and finalize a date for your virtual annual general meeting.

  1. Top Virtual AGM Platform

  • You can look for the best virtual AGM platform in order to get the best features and elements in your virtual event. Here is a complete list of things you must look for in the virtual exhibition platform.

  • AI Matchmaking:

The virtual annual general meeting platform includes the AI-based matchmaking feature that helps the attendees find the participants matching the same interests. Moreover, this technology uses the demographic information provided by the user while registering.

  • Business Card Exchange:

Your selected virtual AGM platform should help the attendees to share their business cards. Moreover, they can approve the received requests and ask someone else’s one, as well. Hence, this technology gives the freedom to approve or deny access to the business card.

  • Gamification:

The best virtual AGM platform should provide you with more than 100 AR/VR games to engage the attendees with these amazing features.

  • Leaderboard:

Your selected virtual AGM platform should also have a leaderboard or contest option to make the gaming iterating and competitive for the attendees.

  • Networking Tables:

You should look for a virtual AGM platform that can provide you with multiple networking tables that include seats for 8 users at a time. Moreover, this feature can be beneficial for easy discussion on a common topic.

  • AR Photobooth:

Your virtual AGM platform should AR photo booth. It can engage the attendees to take photos in different backgrounds and even upload them on social media accounts is a memory. Moreover, it can be an excellent promotional tool too.

  • Document Library:

You should look for a virtual AGM platform with a document library. Moreover, it can be helpful for you to provide all the documents, PDFs, Sessions, Flyers & other essential information in one place. Also, it can be easy to access, view, and download for the users.

  • Seamless Networking:

The top virtual AGM platform should provide live chat, audio, and video call for all the virtual event attendees. Moreover, these factors can make your event more communicative.

  • Easy Navigation:

The best virtual AGM platform provides the 360-degree navigator for all the virtual event attendees. Moreover, it can be beneficial to explore the whole space easily.

  • B2B Meeting Scheduler:

You should look for the virtual AGM platform that can provide the feature to schedule a meeting with the representative even before the virtual event starts.

  • Notifications:

Your selected virtual AGM platform should provide you with the notifications features to keep your audience updated and make any new announcements between your virtual AGM.

  • Dynamic Banners Functionality:

You should look for the best virtual AGM platform that provides you with customizable banners for your booths and lobby.

  • Browser-Based Solutions:

The best virtual AGM platform should offer a web-based solution to the attendees to log in with an easy browser instead of downloading apps and software.

  • Custom Environment:

You should choose a virtual AGM platform that gives an entirely customizable virtual event. Moreover, you can get the option to decorate your lobby with animated lights and background melodies. Also, you can design the booths, including the button icons and their names.

  • Access Management:

Your selected virtual AGM platform should provide you with access management for the VIP and paid event parts.

  • Engagement Via Emoticons:

You should choose the virtual AGM platform that can provide the heart, clap, like, hoot, and various other emoticons to give a traditional in-person event experience.

  • 24/7 Customer Support:

The best virtual AGM platform will provide customer support round the clock to avoid last-minute technical issues during the virtual event.

  1. Notices of Meeting Can Be Given Electronically

You should send electronically generated notices and invitations to all the stakeholders and other users that you want to join the virtual AGM. Moreover, you have to keep it more professional and formal, for which you can take help from the experts.

  1. Contents of Notices of Meeting

You should know what documents and question forms you need to share while sending the invitations. Moreover, you need to create Q&A forms for the stakeholders, where they need to answer some questions. Also, they can even get a chance to ask questions if they have any. These surveys will be useful in the meeting.

  1. Voting by Poll and in Real-Time

Voting is one of the must-have events in AGM that even the virtual one also includes. So, here the virtual AGM platform provided live audience polling will be helpful. You can conduct live polling several times in order to get an opinion on every aspect from everyone. This way, you can make the virtual polling experience just like the real one.

  1. Questions Can be Asked Orally and in Writing

You can conduct a Q&A session especially for raising the queries that everyone has about a project or deal. Moreover, with the best virtual AGM platform, you can get various options to communicate, like chatting or calling via audio or video. Hence, all the questions can be asked both orally and in writing during the virtual AGM.

  1. Tabling of Documents

In a physical event, you put the documents on everyone’s seat so that everyone can know about all the aspects. Moreover, the top virtual exhibition platform provider the document library for the virtual AGM. So, everyone can access, view, or download the document that they want from there without any hassle.

So, these are the various new requirements you should be aware of if you are hosting a virtual AGM in 2022. Hope, you will find this article beneficial to create a perfect virtual event.