8 Different Ways To Make Your Children Smarter


Children are generally enthusiastic, but at the same time naughty. Most parents worry about their children’s intellectual success at different stages of life. Childhood is the most important period of brain development, requiring proper education from the best school and, above all, much parental care to make them wiser.
There are a number of proven strategies to parent your child IQ and make them smarter.

Be open-minded:

Being openly affectionate with your children is one of the best ways to make them more confident. Intimate interaction with children can provide them a safe and happy environment at home. Showing your children affection and asking them open-ended questions will help them naturally form their own opinions. The more conversations you have with children, the smarter they will become!

Read stories together:

Read books to your children every day and tell them stories. Books are a great way to stimulate a child’s imagination and thinking skills. Choosing books in bright colors, with different textures and simple drawings can keep a child interested. Sometimes they may prefer the same book over and over again, but they will develop a reading habit that will lead them to learn about other books as well. The more you expose children to letters and pictures, the more ready they will be to read when they are older.

Encourage exploration:

Introduce children to new environments and encourage them to explore the new spaces. Describe what you see and be excited about your discoveries. Outdoor outings can also stimulate children visually and give them more experience. They also provide opportunities to interact with others. Social interactions give children new experiences and confidence to face the challenges of growing up. When they learn to interact with different people, they are better prepared to handle awkward situations in life effectively.

Play with them:

One of the best pastimes for children is playing sports games. Outdoor games play an important role in developing social intelligence. Playing influences children to develop interactions with their peers and makes them deal positively with competitions. Apart from outdoor games, you can also play indoor games with children such as telling simple stories, asking them to name and count toys, asking them about the characters in the story, etc. These games played for fun can indirectly develop children’s intelligence.

Take the lead:

When your child expresses interest in something, encourage him to pursue it. Give him the freedom to contribute his ideas and thoughts to society. Children respond strongly to praise and will stick with something they enjoy for much longer. This is how they learn more and more about it over time. Finally, the wealth of information available to our children in today’s culture must allow them to progress effortlessly.

Ensure a restful, good night’s sleep:

Restful sleep ensures that children’s brain intelligence can develop faster. Sleep has been thoroughly researched and has a variety of effects on children’s quality of life. Sleep has a significant impact on our mental and physical ability to heal. It also allows us to remember memories, influences our moods, and helps children grow. Their alertness is affected by a lack of sleep.

Feed them lots of nutrients:

Feeding children good food is an essential part of raising smart kids. When children eat nutritious foods, their physical and mental health improves. A variety of foods ensures that their meals are interesting and tasty. This is also the key to a healthy and balanced diet. This is because each food has its own unique blend of nutrients. A diet rich in protein also promotes concentration, attention and logical thinking skills. Carbohydrates are the best source of energy for thinking. Whole grains, vitamins, minerals and fruits are also among the best for the growing phase.

Determination and effort:

Children value effort and hard work, which has a positive effect on intelligence in the long run. On the other hand, recognizing children for solving challenges or completing difficult tasks teaches them great self-reliance and leads to great results. This kind of achievement does not come easily to them, but they will benefit from it as they grow. It also leads to changes in children’s daily routines that encourage learning, problem solving, social skills, and hard work.

Limit screen time:

While there are now many shows and programs for children. As children grow and develop, they are easily influenced by what they see and hear. Too much television contributes to a sedentary lifestyle and impairs thinking skills. Do not assume that all cartoons are acceptable and suitable for children. Many cartoons and TV shows contain violence. This has a very rude effect on children’s behavior. So limit screen time as a reward for good behavior in your children.


Children are creative by nature. Parents should give them some space and take care of their creativity from childhood by exposing them to arts and crafts, music, crafts, and gardening. These activities help them to think out of the box. In today’s competitive world, parents often worry about whether their children are smart enough or not. If parents can do something for them, it will help their intellectual development. Childhood is the stage when the brain develops rapidly. So, proper stimulation at an early age enhances the mental abilities of a child. Some of the international schools partner with parents because research has shown how important parent partnership is to the success of your child’s education. And, working in partnership will successfully enrich your child’s journey.

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