A guide to sandblasting and painting Sydney:

sandblasting and painting Sydney

sandblasting and painting Sydney

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is the process of propelling highly pressurized abrasive material on a surface to make it smoother or for the removal of surface contaminants. We also call it abrasive blasting. Typically compressed air is used as a pressurized fuel. The process can be done by using various highly or slightly abrasive media. Sandblasting, using sand as a medium, is one of the highly abrasive types, for instance.

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About Wayne Kempton Bore Pumps:

Wayne Kempton Bore Pumps is a sandblasting and painting company that is serving in Sydney (Australia) since 1998. Steve Rados established this company, and he has maintained its quality over the past 23 years. We aim to provide the best services at minimum cost.

We strictly follow the “Code of Practice, Abrasive Blasting in Sydney” given by the Australian Government. Our versatile equipment, well-trained staff, and years of experience make us stand out on the list of best sand-blasting companies.

What we can do for you?

” Wayne Kempton Bore Pumps ” is providing you with a complete solution to all your painting problems because we are offering two services:

  • All kinds of sandblasting
  • 2- Painting the sandblasted material

Virtually we can sandblast any material including your machinery, trucks, steel tanks, concrete, bricks, and buildings, etc. But people usually ask for brass, steel, timber, road lines, copper, or aluminum surface sandblasting. We remove old rusty and worn-out paints with our latest sandblasting techniques

Kinds of sandblasting we offer:

Every different surface needs a different sandblasting technique, and every different technique requires different equipment. It’s a blessing for our customers that they End all possible options at the same place. Some of the basic techniques are listed below, out of which you can choose according to your need:

  • Dry Sandblasting
  • Wet Sandblasting (also called dustless sandblasting)
  • Concrete Sandblasting
  • Timber Sandblasting
  • Steel sandblasting
  • Swimming pool sandblasting
  • Road line removal

Difference between Dry and Wet Sandblasting:

We offer both conventional dry abrasive blasting and modem wet sandblasting. Wet sandblasting is specially introduced and practiced to ensure the safety and health of our staff members. You can End the difference between the two by giving a read to the following content:

DRY sandblasting :

It is commonly called air-driven blasting and is used when we are dealing with the metal surface and don’t want moisture interference. This type of blasting removes most and thus leaves a clean surface ready to be coated. Commonly, we use garnet or crushed glass for dry blasting. However, the company has access to all kinds of media for this kind of blasting.

WET sandblasting:

The other name of wet sandblasting is water-driven sandblasting, and its common use is in brick or concrete surface preparation. It reduces the chances of surface deterioration. We may also call it dustless blasting as it reduces levels of dust as compared to the dry method. The reason lies in the fact that a lot of water is injected through nozzles in this kind of blasting.

Protective Coating Application after Sandblasting:

You must choose the right place for a protective coating application, otherwise, you’re going to spend your whole life visiting a coating company. ” Wayne Kempton Bore Pumps  is the best choice for this purpose as we are having specialists in this field with years of hand-on experience in their skill. Even if you are looking for industrial spray blasting, then you are at the right place.

We understand the fact that coating is an art and it needs to be done by artists. That’s why, we have picked the best team to provide quality work on time. From simple metal coatings to 3 coat layering of bridges and marine ships, wayne Kempton bore pumps is serving in all areas with its competent staff members and modem techniques.

Industries we serve:

We provide our services to many industries including Industrial, marine automotive, mining, residential, parks, oil and gas sector, and many more.

We are proud as we have served for:

  • Blue Mountain Council
  • Sydney Aquarium
  • The Australian Defense Force
  • The Aboriginal Arts Center Red fern
  • The Nuclear reactor in Lucas Heights.

Why choose wayne Kempton bore pumps ?

You might be confused while choosing the right place for your sandblasting work. So, we are going to tell you the reasons why you should choose wayne Kempton bore pumps  We try to benefit our customers in every way possible:

1) wayne Kempton bore pumps provides high-quality service at affordable rates.

2) You will get a 7-day service. There are no offs or holidays to ensure on-time work.

3) You get experienced staff and efficient machinery that give you best outputs.

4) We respect you and your job.

5) You get a free quoting service.

6) Don’t worry if you can’t come to us, we will come to your place.

7) wayne Kempton bore pumps  ensures accommodation of all job requirements by full-time service

. 8) We never ask for hidden costs during the completion of your work as it goes against our credibility.


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