A Mentally Disturbed Person Must Visit the Psychiatrist


Multan is the 7th largest city in Pakistan. It is one of the oldest cities in South East Asia. The culture, language, food, art, and lifestyle of the city speak volumes. The city has a million stories to tell. It has seen much warfare and people from diverse ethnicities have conquered it or crossed it to reach central Asia.

All of this has made Multan, what Multan is today. The natives of this city of saints are progressive thinkers. Here the people can touch anything and turn it into gold. If you visit Multan you would actually feel it in the air. The city has greatly progressed since Pakistan came into being. It has some of the best educational institutions, the latest infrastructures, and state-of-the-art hospitals.

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital is one of the prominent hospitals in Multan

Talking about hospitals, very recently a hospital was established in the city. The name of which is Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital and that is also called MASH. The hospital is one of its kind and happens to be one of the largest in the vicinity. It has the capacity to accommodate up to 500 patients at one time. The hospital provides medical services for diverse kinds of diseases. You would find the best doctors of their niche practicing here. The hospital has many departments and out of these all. One is the Psychiatry department. 

MASH established “Spring Clinic” to medically aid the mentally disturbed 

 As told earlier, MASH has established a separate clinic with the name of “Spring Clinic”. The Spring Clinic works to ease out the mentally challenged. Here are the best psychiatrists in Multan practice. The clinic deals with a variety of mental disabilities or problems. The psychiatrists in Multan who are practicing here are competent enough to cure all sorts of problems.

The clinic was recently opened. It has got on its credit a large number of cured patients now, but it was not like this before. The hospital had to struggle a lot to reach where it is today and the hurdle was the people themselves. 

The obstacles “Spring Clinic” had to overcome to cure the patients

“Spring Clinic” is fully devoted to treating mentally disturbed or ailing people. But the biggest obstacle on its way was the people themselves. As the clinic is located in Multan and caters to a large population living in the suburban areas around the city. The natives are not much educated and have lesser exposure. Many of them also belong to conservative backgrounds. These people didn’t consider mental impairments as a disease. Consulting a psychiatrist was an unimaginable thing to do.

Rather, people used to look down upon visiting the doctor, even though he was the best psychiatrist in Multan. Spring Clinic struggled a lot but finally, it created enough awareness among people that consulting a psychiatrist is not a bad thing. It made people realize that taking care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health. Spring Clinic addresses almost every mental problem but mostly it gets to address the following issues.  

Depression and Anxiety   

As we are living in times which are hard for almost everyone. People go through many pressures and stresses that may cause anxiety problems. Anxiety is something we all experience one or another way. It actually occurs if you worry a lot about the coming time. Almost all have felt it, sometimes just before when the results are going to be announced.

Or we feel anticipation for something, the fast throbbing of heart and sweaty hands, all these feelings could be felt due to anxiety. A little anxiety is fine but in severe cases, it becomes necessary for the patient to visit a doctor. Or life may get tough for him.

Depression is because of incidents in the past

Depression on the other hand is slightly different from anxiety. If a person lives in the past, for instance, if an unpleasant incident has occurred in his past and that keeps on haunting him and makes his life miserable, then that is depression. In severe cases of depression, patients lose their desire to live and they feel they don’t belong to this world.

A number of suicide cases are also witnessed in the people who suffered from it. In any of the scenarios, the patient must visit the doctor and save his life. Because these problems not only affect one person but many related to him. The best psychiatrists in Multan who are practicing at Spring Clinic are doing a commendable job by providing medical assistance to the mentally challenged in south Punjab. 

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