About Facials And Types Of Facials

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What Is Facials?

Facials are very popular beauty treatments in beauty parlors. Because facial is such a beauty procedure in which the face is not only massaged, but it cleanses and nourishes the skin by removing dead cells, blemishes from the skin, making it soft and soft.

Due to which the skin starts feeling fresh and glowing. Many types of beauty products, especially chemical and cosmetic products, are used for doing or getting facials done, due to which the skin of the face increases and it remains intact for a long time.

Due to which we do not need to get facials done daily. Facials should be done 1-2 in a month or by doing it daily, it can also harm your facial skin because chemical products are used in it.


Types of Facial

According to the skin of the face and to remove all the problems from the face, many types of facial treatments are done to enhance the beauty of the face in most spas and beauty salons, which are beneficial for all types of facial skin and problems. Due to which the glow in our skin increases along with fairness. Some types of facials are like this.


  1. Simple Cleanup

Actually it is not a complete facial, it would be more correct to call it an alternative to facial. The skin is exfoliated through scrubbing. Due to which the skin becomes moisturised. In this, dead cells are cleaned from the skin, blackheads and whiteheads are cleaned with the help of steam. Cleaning opens the pores of the skin.


  1. Regular Facial

In regular facials, the mask is prepared according to your skin type. Steam cleansing of the skin, exfoliating with a scrub and then finally a process of hydrating the skin with a high-end moisturizing cream. This facial can be done twice a month. Well this facial is very expensive.


  1. Electric Current Facial

Micro-current is used in this facial. With the help of two wands the positive and negative drawn currents stimulate the tissues and increase the circulation. Electric current facial is used everywhere nowadays.


  1. Galvanic Facial

This is the best option for people with dry and dull skin. The skin is moisturized in this facial. This facial can be done on any part of the body except the face. Galvanic facials are not for people who suffer from heart disease or who have braces in their teeth.


  1. Fruit Facial

This is a completely natural facial. Most of the fruits containing vitamin C are used in this. The enzymes and antioxidants found in the fruit remove blemishes and fine lines. This gives a wonderful glow to the face.


  1. Paraffin Facial

Paraffin facial is beneficial for dull and dry skin. The trend of this facial is increasing. For this facial, hot wax is applied on the gauze mask. After removing the wax, the skin becomes very clean and moist. Paraffin is used to treat the hands and feet, especially the knees.


  1. Microdermabrasion Facial

This facial is perfect for people who have very sensitive skin. It contains vacuum which exfoliates the skin in a way. Due to this, the small dirt particles of the skin end. It also clears out scaly cells that are difficult to remove in a normal way. In this, the skin becomes a little red for some time and there is a slight pain. It is a very good remedy to remove dead cells.


  1. Facial to Get Rid of Acne

People who have very oily skin and are struggling with the problem of acne. Salicylic and glycolic acids are used in this procedure, for which first consultation with a dermatologist is necessary as this facial needs to be done daily to eliminate excess oil from the skin. It involves deep cleansing, steaming and exfoliation. After exfoliating, many types of masks have to be applied.


  1. Aroma Mask Facial

This facial is for those men who are stressed and unable to overcome anxiety. Aromatic oil is used in this facial which hydrates the facial muscles and makes you feel relaxed.


  1. Collagen Facial

People above 25 years of age are advised to get this facial done. This facial tightens the skin and keeps it soft. With age, collagen (a natural protein) begins to break down, causing the skin to become loose and wrinkled.

This facial takes a lot of time. After cleansing and exfoliating, the collagen cream is thoroughly massaged into the face and then the cream is left on the face for a few hours.

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