All About Shallow Vs. Deep Water Dolphin Interactions

There will be a few or no people that will hate swimming, and even if they hate swimming, there are some experiences that will make them love these physical activities. One of the experiences is swimming with dolphins and other mammals that are human-friendly. These are the kind of experiences that are good for every age group, whether children or adults.

But some people still have water phobia and do not gather the courage to dive into deepwater whether someone assists them. Whereas some people do not have any issues with how deep the water is, and they always feel comfortable. Whether you go swimming in deep water or shallow water, you will always end up enjoying it when you are at the best place. Buying tickets to places where you will have safe encounters with the sea animals is surely the best place to enjoy the water of your desired depth.

Keep scrolling down the article to get a clear insight into shallow and deep-water swimming experiences in Dubai.

Top 6 Essentials About Shallow And deep water Dolphin Experience

Swimming techniques remain the same regardless of the depth of the water or the type of swimming pool you are swimming at. But despite these similarities, some people love to swim in shallow water and some in deepwater. Your experience will depend on how good and new the authorities make the swimming arrangements in both situations.

Following are some of the differences you need to know between deep water and shallow-water swimming experiences.

1. Age limitation

Safety while swimming is a must, and the responsible authorities will not allow you to go into the swimming pool if you do not meet the age limit requirements. Your age must be more than 5 years; otherwise, you will not be entertained. Abiding by these rules and regulations makes your swimming experiences better and safer. For many people, swimming with dolphins experiences is the top priority because of the responsible authorities and ensured safety.

2. Weight limitation

Swimming is a healthy activity for everyone and every age group, but there are also some rules and restrictions on weight. People that are more than 110 kg are not allowed to swim in deep water. It is the bodyweight that makes it difficult for them to swim or move in deep water. Whereas, with this weight, it is safe to swim in shallow water and under the supervision of experts.  It is preferable to check your weight before you buy the tickets or dive into the water so that you do not face any casualties.

3. Water height

The major reason for separately providing these swimming experiences is the height of the water in the swimming pool. The deepwater itself suggests that the depth of the water will be higher and is best for confident and expert swimmers. At the same time, shallow water will have knee-level water, which is suitable for less experienced swimmers. The swimming experience is always great and easy at both water levels.

4. Guests per session

A limited amount of people are allowed to be in the swimming area by the authorities, and these restrictions are important. They implement these rules not only for the safety of the people swimming but also due to the safety of the dolphins. That is why no matter what the depth of the water is, no more than six people are allowed in the swimming area. There are sessions of different timings and only allow six people per session.

5. Adult supervision

Swimming with dolphins is always exciting for people, but these are more attractive to the younger generation. Some children know swimming both in deep and shallow water, and some do not, due to which they need someone to accompany them. Regardless of the type of water they dive in; it is a must for the safety of the children that they are supervised by the adults. It is mandatory to supervise your kids who are less than 12 years old to deal with any accident on time.

6. Ticket price

The major difference you will find between both types of swimming experiences is the price of a single ticket. The ticket price for swimming in deep water is approximately 630 AED for a single person, whereas the cost is 475AED in shallow water. But this difference in the process does not mean that there will be less entertainment in shallow water. You will equally be able to enjoy your swimming with the sea creatures. So, book your swimming with dolphins Dubai tickets today and witness the best swimming experiences of your life, keeping your families safety a priority.

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