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An SEO agency that works for results – is there such a thing?

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In Russia, the Internet marketing market can hardly be called customer-oriented. Often, agencies are engaged in the pure promotion, devoting minimum time and attention to integrated marketing. It is mainly due to a significant delay in the development of the Runet – the SEO services in Karachi approach to website development is firmly entrenched in the heads of web admins.

When it was enough to buy a couple of thousand links to get to the top of the search results, the optimizers and the customers relaxed. Why waste time and resources and engage in marketing. In total, there are several main types of agencies on the market:


The division of tasks into specialized departments is the only way to work simultaneously with many clients. However, such an agency cannot work on a complex, unique product – the workload is too high, and the tasks are typified.


the work proceeds according to a standard template – the conclusion of a contract, layout, programming, content, SEO agency, advertising, release. As a result, the project mechanically “floats” with the flow.

Relatively little time is given to clients in such an agency, which also affects the quality and timing in the wrong way. However, the low cost thoroughly explains this approach.




Streaming agency signs

The target audience


Not recommended if:


Here the client project falls into the hands of a single team of specialists—a clear understanding of goals, well-coordinated work, and solutions that go well with each other. But, unfortunately, there are very few such companies in the vastness of Russia – the cost of the services of a team of professionals engaged in one project is relatively high.

Now, it is tough to attract customers during the crisis, since the price tags of 200-700 thousand rubles and earlier were too expensive for many.

If you think about it, the problem is mutual – other agencies are already working on the stream and making money on standard services, and clients do not want to overpay for team rental.

Teams formed in streaming agencies don’t make them team-based. On the contrary, a key feature of teamwork is the effective interaction of various development departments.


An agnecy of this type may have a different number of teams, but rarely more than two. Each team can work on their project, using “shared” resources in the form of copywriters or programmers, whose workload varies from project to project.

Over time,

a streaming agency can see the promise of individual work and grow into something more. The result will be a complex agency with more than one project, but few professionals are still working on them.

This paradigm shift helps optimize many aspects of the work. For example, a team can launch large projects without waiting for a previous one to finish. The variety and the ability to switch between tasks, in turn, reduce the risk of obsolescence of specialists SEO agency.


The streaming agency became more involved in the customer’s business, keeping the price tag of the services within a reasonable range.

One team can work on 2-3 projects: the main, the largest, and the others are secondary. It’s not so much about priority as about complexity. In addition, the team constantly flows – those who do not receive a project load at this stage of development move to parallel projects where their skills are need. It significantly saves development time and cost.




The target audience


Not recommended if:


The Russian internet marketing market has been almost swallow up by streaming agencies. Most of them are aimed at the contract, not the result; they are not interest in the final development of the client. But after the “golden era” of SEO agency with bulk link buying passed, clients increasingly began to notice the drop in rankings generated by streaming agencies.

It led to the search for new contractors, and many turned their attention to team agencies working with long-term cooperation in mind and focused on results SEO agency.

Team agencies remained the domain of big business,

complex agencies met the emerging demand for low-cost, high-quality internet marketing. Here the client receives a full range of Internet promotion services without going broke. An individual approach and a client’s involvement in building a strategy allow you to achieve good results.

You cannot require a streaming agency to be fully involve in the process of working on a specific project. Likewise, it will not work to lower the price tag of team agencies.

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