Apply for the Casino Merchant Account With WebPays

The gaming industry, especially casinos, is one of the most popular industries booming today. It has experienced incredible growth globally in recent years and will also rise in the future. So, you can say that it is the best time to invest in the online casino industry. Statista data report says that in 2021, the casino market size was $231 billion U.S. dollars globally.

The merchant should require a suitable casino merchant account and payment gateway to operate their casino businesses. It helps merchants to accept online payments. But getting one is quite challenging because the casino industry is high-risk. Various label of risk, including chargebacks, refunds, frauds, etc., is the reason, why most traditional financial institutes and banks deny offering their service to the casino industry.

Opening an online casino merchant account with a reputed merchant account service provider is quite a hassle-free process. You have to look for a service provider with experience in the casino industry.
Here, in this blog, you will get the solution for your high-risk casino merchant account, so continue reading it.

Need a Casino Merchant Account? Choose Us as your Service Provider

Now, you are familiar with the casino industry. Many risks are involved in the casino industry, including chargebacks, refunds, frauds, etc.; for this reason, most service providers deny their services. But merchants, as well as the customer, are both willing to take the risk. So, it is the merchant’s responsibility to offer the best possible solutions.

However, a casino operation cannot function properly without a casino merchant account. But, obtaining a merchant account for your high-risk business at a traditional bank is difficult. So, we suggest you choose the one compatible with your business models.

I know it is pretty challenging because thousands of service providers are available. So, we suggest you choose the WebPays without wasting your time. As “WebPays,” we are one of the leading global service providers. It fulfills all your high-risk casino business requirements and never lets you down. Let’s learn more about WebPays and what we offer.

Why Choose WebPays?

WebPays is one of the best service providers available nowadays. It supports most high-risk businesses, including casinos, gaming, adult, forex, etc. As “WebPays,” we have lots of experience in dealing with the casino industries, so we completely understand your business requirement and offer you the best possible solutions.

We maintain a healthy and professional relationship with most of the acquiring banks and financial service providers, which help to obtain the online casino merchant account. WebPays also offers many benefits, which boost your high-risk casino business to skyrocket.
Let’s check what documents merchants have to submit while opening the casino merchant account with WebPays.
Documents we are Required to Approve the high-risk Merchant Account for Your Casino Industry.

Every service provider has a list, but merchants must submit the following documents to us. The documents which merchants have to offer with WebPays are –

Ownership details
Three months of bank statements
Three or six months of statements of payment processing history
Corporate documents
Utility bills
Domain registration information
Identity proof
Chargeback must be lower than 2%.

What Benefits can you get with WebPays?

With us, casino merchants can get many benefits that help them to run their businesses smoothly without any headaches. Some of the benefits are –

Low Rate:

Generally, a high-risk merchant account service provider is expensive. Still, we help you to choose the best and most cost-effective acquiring bank according to your business models, as we have a contract with many acquiring banks and financial services providers. We offer an affordable rate for your high-risk casino business.

Fast Approval:

With us, your high-risk casino merchant account gets approved within 3 to 5 working days, but you must submit all the documents discussed above.

Multi-currency Processing:

As the casino is a global business, we allow the merchant to accept payments from all over the world in all the major currencies.

High-volume Payment Processing:

With us, the merchant can easily focus on their business growth rather than other things like high volume, chargeback, etc., because we offer no volume cap solutions for high-volume merchants.

Multiple Payment Methods:

As our services are available globally, we allow the merchant to accept all the major credit cards from all over the world. Not only credit cards but also will enable the merchant to take alternative payment modes, including mobile payments, e-wallets, etc. We also accept crypto-currency. Various payment methods allow you to boost your business.

Futuristic Security Tools:

Nowadays, every fintech service provider is available with PCI DSS compliance to protect the customer’s sensitive data. But along with the PCI DSS, we also offer chargeback protection and anti-fraud tools, which help safeguard merchants and customers from fraud.

Excellent Customer Support:

We offer a fantastic 24*7 customer support team. Our team monitors every transaction and notifies and resolves it if any incident happens.

Reduce the Change of Account Closed:

As you are dealing with a high-risk business, we offer you a high-risk merchant account that completely supports your business. With us, the account termination is minimal even if the chargeback and monthly transaction exceed.

How Does High-risk Affect the Chance of Getting the Merchant Account?

Businesses selling products like vapes and electronic cigarettes are considered high-risk.

It will impact your merchant account application’s approval by banks. But you are not only the one. As E-cigarette businesses are high-risk, so it happens to many enterprises.

A popular payment service provider like PayPal, Stripes, etc., never offers their services. If they accept your application forms, they will terminate your merchant account as soon as they know about your business. Due to this, you have to suffer from loss of sales and your e-cigarette businesses freezing until rectified.

But, it does not mean you do not get the merchant account for your businesses. If you think that you have limited options, think twice. Many service providers offer their services to high-risk industries. So, go with these types of service providers like WebPays.

With a reliable merchant account and payment service provider, you can hassle-free focus on your business rather than any other payment-related issues.

What are the WebPays Merchant Account Approval Processes?

The popularity and demand for e-cigarettes increase daily, opening the door for merchants to increase their sales. Earlier the bank and financial service providers were hesitant to offer their services. But now the market is changing and thanks to WebPays.
With WebPays, your e-cigarette merchant account can easily get approved. We, WebPays, are always ready to take the challenges and easily support your high-risk merchant account. We offer all the possible solutions to achieve the goals. You only have to submit the proper documents, and we will approve your account within 3 to 5 working days.
Our expert team will explain the document criteria to you, so contact them now and start accepting credit card payments without any hassle.

Final Thoughts 

Online casinos are one of the most popular businesses, but they are high-risk for many reasons, including high volume, high-chargeback rates, fraud, etc. Due to this reason, most of the traditional service provider does not offer their services to these industries. But, merchants should require a high-risk casino merchant account and payment gateway to run their business successfully.

Nowadays, you can get many service providers who support the high-risk nature of your business, but they ask you to pay higher fees in exchange for their services. In this situation, we recommend you go with the WebPays because “WebPays” have reasonable rates. We also offer many benefits that help boost your high-risk businesses.
You can contact our expert team to learn more about our services.