Basic Buffetware pieces you must have in your Restaurant.

Hotel Suppliers in UAE :- Buffets are a great way to increase the variety of food offerings and serve large groups of people. Buffets can be perfect for banquets, parties, or even regular service. If you already have a restaurant and want to increase your earnings, you should consider adding buffet service to your menu from the best Hotel Suppliers in UAE, but first, you need to know what items are necessary for buffets. In this blog we are going to tell you the some of the most important Buffet ware pieces.

How to choose the right Buffet ware for your Restaurant ?

How to choose the right Buffet ware for your Restaurant ?

  • Price

Choose Restaurant suppliers in UAE that offer affordable products. You may want to get a lot of buffet ware, but if your budget doesn’t allow it, you have to stick with what you can afford.

  • Design

Choosing one that matches your overall theme will help improve the aesthetics of your Restaurant.

  • Durability

You may have paid a large sum of money for your buffet ware, but if they don’t last long enough, they will end up costing you more in the long run. To avoid this, make sure those Kitchen Utensils suppliers in UAE offer buffet ware is made of high-quality materials. As much as possible, go for stainless steel buffet ware instead of cheaper materials like plastic and ceramic. Stainless steel buffet ware is one of the most durable as it would not spatter or chip that easily. Even if they fall off a table or used with scorching food, they would remain intact.

  • Size

Choose one that suits you. If you only offer small portions, then a small size should be fine or if you provide more significant amounts, go for bigger ones.

Must have buffet ware pieces for Restaurant

Here are some buffet ware pieces you should have in your Restaurant :-

Here are some buffet ware pieces you should have in your Restaurant :-

  • Buffet Plate

One of the must-have buffet ware pieces for your Restaurant or any other food business is a buffet plate. A buffet plate that can work as a charger or appetizer plate is always the best choice. What’s more, a buffet plate is excellent for serving regular meals, and with its rimmed design, you can be sure that food will not spill over to the table.

  • Chafing Dishes

Chafing dishes will keep food hot when served on a buffet table. They are usually made of metal, and they have a cover that fits securely over the top of the dish. Buffet ware suppliers in UAE should offer verity of Chafing Dishes. The bottom half of the chafing dish is filled with water so that when it is heated, it will keep food warm until it is eaten.

  • Serving utensils

A wide variety of knives such as tongs, ladles, forks, scoops, and spoons are essential when serving food at any buffet or banquet. Tongs are particularly handy because they allow servers to grab food and easily prevent cross-contamination between different foods. They’re also ideal for self-serve stations in cafeterias.

  • Gravy Boat

Gravy boats are great if you serve dishes that require gravy as part of the meal, such as chicken and roast potatoes. They keep dressing warm so that your customers can enjoy their food without waiting for their gravy to warm up first. They also help prevent spillages on tablecloths which can be time-consuming and costly to replace.

  • Platters & Trays

For serving platters and trays, consider heavy-duty stainless steel or aluminum items that can handle the rigors of everyday use. Melamine is another good option as it can stand up to repeated use in high-volume environments.

  • Display platters

Display platters aren’t just for food presentation purposes; they are also used to hold food. These items can use for fruit or vegetable displays or desserts such as pies or cakes. There are many types to choose from, including silver-tone metal platters, clear acrylic platters, and ceramic platters.

  • Buffet Stands

These stands are helpful if you’re setting up some buffet table or salad bar. It’s a good idea to have these stands in varying sizes so you can easily cater to people with different dietary requirements or foods that come in various sizes, such as shrimp platters or bowls.

  • Serving Sets

Serving sets allow you to create a stylish and elegant presentation for your buffet line. Pick from a wide range of settings for salads, pasta, rice, desserts, and more.

From where to buy Buffetware ?

From where to buy Buffetware ?

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