Let the Games Begin: Have Your Own Beer Olympics


Let the games begin!

The beer Olympics combine the competitive nature of intramural sports with enough beer to drown out a small town. But if you want to participate in the most sacred competitions, you need to do it right.

Basic Rules

Teams must consist of no more than 6 participants and no less than 4 participants.

Each team must have the same number of players. At least 4 teams, not maximum. Ideally, teams have the same number of girls to avoid putting a team at a disadvantage. 15 to 20 cans of beer must be allow per player and team.

This is always better to be careful and go the biggest number because if you run out of beer in the middle of a competition, you will be disqualified, and your team will lose of points, and it’s dose not like extra beer is wasted of any kind. Each team will compete in all events, but not all team members.

For the score, take the number of teams you have and award as many points for first place in each event (6 teams = 6 points for first place). Last place always wins 1 point—every middle team. I get the point.

To avoid confrontation, the teams represent a single color, not a country. I definitely wouldn’t represent a country other than good Canada! (And I know my confreres reflect that feeling).

Opening Ceremony

Teams are presented. Listening to a legendary song is not only great, but it is also encouraging.

The order of events will be announced (as decided by the team captains).

Start talking trash.


This is the best event to start off with. Not only does every team member get to participate, everyone gets really drunk, really quickly.


1. Each team receives a large bucket.

1 can of beer per team member is poured into the bucket

3. The clock starts when the first participant drinks, the clock stops when all the beer is ready. Points are deducted if an “excessive” amount of beer has been spilled.

4.Win the fastest time.

Beer Pong (Beirut for you traditionalists): Number of Participants – 2 per team

Tried and true, beer pong is a staple of every BROlympic event. However, this isn’t your mother’s 10-cup.


1. celebrity shot per team, per round.

2. When the ball bounces off a cup, that cup and another must be consumed by a team member. When the ball bounces, you can sweat. If a player knocks down their own cup in one hit, a penalty is imposed. He has to throw away a can of beer, and while they do, the opposition can shoot until the beer can is finished. Regardless of how many cups have been hit and from whom, the “recoil” and “fire” rules do not apply to penalty shots.

3. In the official game of the Beer Olympics, in the spirit of speeding up the competition, they allow themselves to “catch fire” and “backward” of the team. retracements occur when team members reach cups in the same round.

4. If both players score the same cup on one side, the game is not over (as is tradition);

Body Shot/Funnel Relay Race

Each team needs 4 participants for this event—one girl (that’s why it’s important to have at least one girl per team. I hope you get the skinny girl who has a little bone in her stomach when she’s on her back, but if you have a “bigger” girl, you’ll get that shot out of her navel, son), a brother who will take the shot, a brother who holds the funnel and another brother who actually hops the beer. You can’t hold your own funnel; there’s no “me” on the team. The girl lay on a table and poured a drink of an agreed liqueur (usually tequila).

Before “going,” each team can pour beer into the funnel. In the jump, the brother funnel must kneel, finish his beer, get up and then run over (ideally the lawn) and mark his other brother, who then runs to the end of the yard, takes the shot, licks the salt, takes the file and then runs back to the finish line (which is located on the opposite side of the lawn) of the girl). Win the fastest time.


1. Starting Positions

  • Funnel holder and funneler: Start at the finish line
  • Bro taking the body shot: Directly in the middle
  • The girl: On the opposite side of the yard from the finish line

2.  If any player cannot hold their alcohol for this specific event, that player is disqualified, and the team must finish the Olympics one man down.

More Game Related Update

Flip Cup:

That’s why the Flip Cup is the perfect game. Everyone knows how to play, and there are no penalties in this event. The only difference is in the beer Olympics, and there is one anchor per team. The person who goes last needs to drink two cups of beer and flip both cups successfully. In case of a tie.

Civil War:

Congratulations. You managed to go to the last event. Civil war. This game follows the basic rules of the civil war: three cups per person; once your cups and sunk, you will be eliminat. When the ball is short and bounced from a cup of  inside of the table, it is a fair game for all teams. Only the closest person can retrieve the ball without jumping on the table. While they are down, their teammates can protect their trophies from jump shots.


1. Once your eliminated you may do nothing more than offer your team moral support in the form of catchy cheers. No celebrity shots, no drinking their beer for them.

2. Points are based on how many cups the winning team has remaining at the end of each round.

Source: Beer Olympics


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