Benefits Of Not Skipping A Tyre Rotation

Tyre rotation is an intermittent maintenance method that involves changing the tyres in specific patterns such as front and back or side to side. This ensures tyre longevity and improves the overall safety when driving. Moreover, tyre wear is additionally subject to the drive type ( front-wheel drive, rear-wheel, or all-wheel) and each one of these types needs a different rotation treatment to ensure optimal wear and the best balance.  


Due to the friction and force created when driving on roads, the Kumho tyres London on the backside of your car will have different wear and tear, compared to the ones placed at the front.  


Not rotating the car tyres can reduce overall performance. Create an excessive pull on one side, cause weight disturbance, decrease traction and increase vibration or noise. 

Tyre rotation is generally recommended every 10,000 to 12,000 kilometres. 

When trying to rotate tyres, you should keep in mind the following points:

  • Fully check each tyre on your vehicle for potential sidewall and tread damage. The set tread wear limit is about 1.6 mm, and after that, the tyre will require a replacement.
  • Inspect is the age of the tyre for a complete health check. Tyres are susceptible to damage and get unsafe after some time. Inspect the last four digits called the DOT code on a tyre to determine its age.  
  • To get accurate tyre mounting, it is recommended to use a torque wrench for tightening the lug nuts.
  • Adjust the amount of air pressure inside your tyre according to the defined criteria given by the car manufacturer. 

Tyre Rotation Patterns To Choose

To know the best rotation pattern, you need to consider the drive type of your vehicle. Moreover, you also need to know the tyres and wheel size as well as directional capabilities. 

  • Tyre Rotation Patterns for a Four, Rear and All Wheel Drive 

Before deciding to rotate tyres, check that all the tyres are of the same size and are non-directional. For such drive types, the rearward cross, as well as the X pattern rotation are relevant. In the rearward cross, the rear tyres are moved to the front and the front is transferred to the backside, but on the corresponding opposite sides. Also, in the X pattern, both sets of tyres get switched, and the front right gets replaced with the rear left tyres and the front left with the rear right. 

  • Tyre Rotation Patterns for Front Wheel Drive 

For this drive type, the forward cross, as well as the X rotation pattern is suitable. In this, you get the front wheels transferred to the rear, and the rear wheels get sent to the front, with switched sides. 

  • Tyre Rotation Patterns for staggered wheels

Tyre rotation becomes impossible on some cars because of the wheels getting staggered or and tyres are directional. Moreover, if your vehicle has non-directional tyres mounted along with a staggered wheel. Then side to side rotation will be the ideal option for you. This involves changing font left tyres for the front right and back left for the back right. 

What to do if a tyre rotation is not possible? 

Sometimes a vehicle has wheels as well as tyres bigger than the ones mounted in the front. Such a setup is called tyre setup and is usually observed in high-end sports or luxury cars.  

Contact a tyre expert if your car comes across such a situation, where the vehicle has directional tyres, and there is no option to change or swap without reversing the tyre direction. The only option in such a situation is to rotate tyres using a side to side pattern, but only after dismounting or remounting them to your wheels. Also, it is better to get a new pair of tyres rather than go through all this hassle. You can find a wide assortment of tyres ranging from Bridgestone to Kumho Tyres and select the one that best suits your driving style. 

Contact a tyre service provider today if you want more information about car tyres London, or want to clear any additional doubts. 

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