Best Alternatives to ClickASnap

Best Alternatives to ClickASnap

Posting photos to social media has become extremely popular over the last decade, and services like ClickASnap have enabled users to quickly take high-quality photos with their smartphones, which has only accelerated the rise of sharing photos online. If you find yourself frustrated with ClickASnap’s subscription costs or limitations on free accounts, however, there are plenty of other photo-sharing services you can try out. This article will walk you through some ClickASnap alternative that have been gaining popularity in recent years so you can see if one of them works better for your needs.

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Why is ClickASnap Not Relevant Anymore?

Sites like Clickasnap started out as a great tool for bloggers and podcasters. But as their popularity increased, so did their prices. If you’re looking for a better alternative that still gives you unlimited bandwidth and cloud storage but without all of those hidden fees, try Boxcryptor. With Boxcryptor, you get all of your storage needs in one place. You can access it from anywhere on any device with an internet connection, plus it has some great tools to help organize your files into different categories. It’s really easy to use, plus there are no ads or sneaky policies—it’s just plain old file storage with some extra security features thrown in for good measure.

Alternative 1) ScreenFlow

With a free 14-day trial and $99.99 per year subscription price, ScreenFlow is another great choice for Mac users who want screen capture on their own terms. It’s incredibly easy to use, capable of capturing high-quality video, and relatively affordable as well. What’s more, you can access your captures from anywhere—so long as you have an internet connection—as ScreenFlow offers cloud storage as well as local file saves. All things considered, ScreenFlow is our favorite screen capture software. Here are some key features

Alternative 2) Camtasia

If you’re looking for a powerful and easy-to-use screen recording and editing tool, Camtasia is where it’s at. It’s available on both Mac and PC, has a wide range of sharing options, allows you to customize your video (title slides, background music), and most importantly—it’s affordable. Pricing starts at $99 per year for use with one computer. All in all, it’s one of my favorite screen capture tools; I often use it when I’m doing interviews or helping walk clients through their website (I’ll record them walking me through their account settings). They also offer special pricing if you’re interested in creating an online course! Check out all their plans here.

Alternative 3) Magisto

When you’re ready to up your video game, try Magisto. This easy-to-use app lets you capture video of any length and trim it down so it plays back faster or slower. It also offers plenty of filters, effects and other options for customizing your video’s look. Once you have everything set up, save your project, which will automatically get stored in your Magisto account. When you want to share your short movie with others on Facebook or even save it for posterity via YouTube or Google Photos, just connect your Magisto account with those services.

Alternative 4) Wondershare Filmora Scrn

The first thing you notice when you start Filmora Scrn is how beautiful it is. Filmora Scrn has a very user-friendly interface that lets users customize every single part of their slideshow. Users can customize transitions, font styles, and font sizes. Their website showcases many work samples created with Filmora Scrn and they clearly state that new templates are added frequently (which is great if you like working with new designs). What’s even better is that Filmora Scrn comes free for both Mac and Windows users. Best of all, there’s a trial version available on their website where you can try out your slideshow before purchasing.

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