Best Chatbot Developers for Small Businesses



Your small business will find a bunch of chatbot developers that can help you enhance your marketing efforts and customer support strategy. If you don’t acquire developer skills, don’t lose hope. There are many chatbot developers, some even have a free version, to help you make the most out of advanced AI and machine learning.

business chat bot
business chat bot

Why Does Your Business Need Chatbots

Chatbots are AI-powered customer service representatives. They are available to answer your customer’s queries 24/7. They are quick, detailed, and getting more intelligent day by day.

Due to their automated nature and little to no need for human interference and management, chatbots can allow you drastic cost benefits. By minimizing the need for hiring customer care individuals, chatbots will give your business the cost cuttings you need. Not only this, but AI chatbots are much more scalable and adaptive. Just a little tweak on the back end can significantly change, the bots add or remove a function in it.

In this day and age of digital transformation, customer services are taking new shapes and forms. Chatbots are one such example of how customer care is changing and becoming a lot more automated than before.

By 2019, users had already used chatbots in some way. Not only this, but a survey by Tidio tells us that 47% of female online shoppers use chatbots as the main medium of communication. Tidio also suggests that 47% of online shoppers actually prefer talking to a chatbot than to an actual business representative.

Businesses need to be more welcoming and warm towards their new customers and also be able to keep these customers. A survey by Tidio tells us that more than 52% of the businesses are using chatbots for sending welcome messages to their new customers on websites. According to Business Insider, the chatbots market is expected to reach $9.4 billion in 2024.

Keeping all this in mind, it is almost inevitable for your small business to stay put and not integrate a good chatbot for your business. You need to catch up with the phase of the industry and make sure your business model is not outdated. All the cost benefits, as well as customer-business relationship benefits offered by chatbots, are difficult to ignore.

business chat bot type
business chat bot type

3 Best Chatbots for Small Businesses

  1. MobileMonkey for Small Business

    Facebook is one of the most common platforms businesses use for online marketing. According to Facebook, over 2 billion people can be reached with Facebook ads alone. After Google and Youtube, Facebook stands tall as the most visited website globally. But most importantly, Facebook Messenger is one of the most downloaded apps. This tells us the opportunities and chances for businesses to grow and reach their target audience through Facebook.If you wish to optimize Facebook for your customer service, then MobileMonkey is the best tool for that. It is fixated on providing marketing solutions, and also has a Facebook Messenger chatbot development tool that you can use. You can integrate your Facebook and Instagram accounts, and also have Mobile Monkey manage your messages 24/7.


  2. Chatfuel for Small Business

    One of the few reasons why businesses tend to get second thoughts about adding a chatbot on their website is that they don’t know how to code. Chatfuel’s chatbot development tool is the solution to this problem.It is a simple drag-and-drop chatbot developer and therefore does not need you to have any technical knowledge or skills.

    You can download free FAQ templates to help you create your chatbot. You can also integrate your chatbot with your business’s Facebook page with Chatfuel. Other than this, if you do business via Instagram or use the platform for marketing purposes, then Chatfuel can also help you out with that. By automating FAQs and welcome messages, can up your customer service game.

    The service is free for creating a chatbot for up to 50 people. You can also purchase paid versions that offer a wider range of features. Check out Chatfuel plans and prices here!

  3. Botpress for Small Business

    Botpress is one of the most powerful chatbots developers that you will find. It is an open-source developer, which means it’s free to use and allows customization. Some of the most important features of Botpress chatbots are its automated spell checker that enables the bot to understand slang and spelling errors. Its powerful APIs allow the chatbots to understand the user’s intent and perform an action accordingly. Plus, it can detect language and work accordingly, as well as identify and extract significant details to take actions like setting up a schedule or booking a flight.

    This chatbot developer is open-source and can be integrated with any messaging platform. It’s very user-friendly, even for those who don’t have the technical skills. Check out Botpress’s plans and packages if you want to develop a chatbot with a complete range of features, multiple languages, and advanced tech support.

Bottom Line

At the core of good customer service or online chatbots is good internet. Without it, you will find it impossible to keep up with marketing trends and get a competitive edge over your competitors. You should ensure that you have the right internet package to suit your small business.

Check out Spectrum internet deals and packages that might meet your business requirements. For Hispanics and Latinos in America, Spectrum has specially curated plans and packages. They also have a separate customer service line to ensure there are no language barriers, and their customer support team can assist Spanish speakers properly. To find out more, call telefono de Spectrum now

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