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Best Methods For YouTube Video Promotion Service In 2023 [New]

Increase your fan base, promote your music, and advance your career with the aid of music marketing. The best methods for promoting music are described in this article.


Music promotion used to be handled by professionals in the music business. Today, however, the musician once again holds the authority in music promotion.


It requires a lot of work. However, with the right approach, you can successfully create your music on your terms and distribute it in a way that is consistent with your goals.


Your YouTube video promotion service should incorporate both modern tools like digital distribution, social media, and email as well as more traditional ones like live performances, press kits, and mailing lists.


How to promote your music independently


This fundamental music promotion guide will teach you the six steps to developing an efficient music promotion plan on any budget.


Make quality music:

You’re going to need some seriously good music first.

Let’s be clear about one thing right away: if you want to successfully promote music, you must begin with quality music.


It could seem that all that is necessary to take a track to the top is promotion muscle. If the music you’re promoting doesn’t have anything to offer listeners, you won’t get very far.


Make every effort to make your song as compelling as possible before you start your promotion.


This means that before releasing your music, you should take your time to create incredible tracks, refine your mix, and master it.


You’ll be able to set goals and actively promote yourself online once you’ve finished songs that you’re proud of.


Make your song accessible through streaming platforms.


The advent of streaming services changed how most people listen to music and how artists promote their albums.


Today, every musician, no matter how big or small, needs a plan for advertising their upcoming albums and present music libraries on streaming services.


This is largely because monetizing an artist’s music through streaming platforms is just one method; other methods include song streams, merchandising sales, and concert tickets.


To find new music, though, customers go to these websites, whether it is through playlists, music journalism, or algorithmic recommendations.


There are few parallels between platforms, yet each has unique characteristics for success.


For instance, each site has an artist profile that you must claim and complete.


In order to distribute your music across all streaming services, you’ll also need to select a distribution service provider.


LANDR Distribution is a wonderful place to start if you need a music distribution plan.


Let’s examine how to market your music on the major streaming platforms of today, such as Tidal, Apple Music, and Spotify.


Send a press release about music to blogs and playlists.


The music media is a powerful tool for promoting music.


Your song can reach a considerably broader audience with even a small amount of press from a music magazine.


For playlists, the same holds true. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people pay attention to and follow the biggest ones.


Gaining press, however, is challenging, and convincing tastemakers to check out your music is a difficult endeavour. However, the significant amount of traffic they might generate justifies it.


Finding out who to contact and how to reach them can be done in the following manner.


Whom should I speak with?

One of the most effective tastemakers today are music bloggers.

Numerous artists have found success in the mainstream thanks to two of the most well-known music publications, Pitchfork and Stereogum. On the other hand, smaller blogs sometimes have a surprising amount of influence.


Find sites that showcase music and artists similar to you, then figure out how to contact them.


Streaming playlists are a significant additional factor. Even if playlists aren’t exactly news sources, they are nonetheless vital marketing tools.


There are many user-generated playlists that can support you in moving up the ranks and attracting the attention of other curators, even though you can’t submit directly to the large sponsored playlists.


Just be wary of playlisting schemes that demand payment for “false streams”; by utilising one of these services, you risk having your music removed from streaming sites, having your account suspended, and perhaps facing legal action.


Use the tried-and-true promotional techniques of choosing respectable playlists to target and then getting in touch with the curators who are in control.


connecting with others


Just as important as who you contact in your sector is how you reach them.


There are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to requesting coverage, but in general, you’ll gain from posting an electronic press kit on your website.


How to expand your music’s audience


The ultimate purpose of your music promotion is to grow a fan base.


You need to establish relationships with people who will enjoy your music, purchase your products, and come to your performances.


However, building an audience from scratch is difficult. You’ll need to make the most of every resource at your disposal to win over fans.


It is important to employ conventional methods.


There are many time-tested strategies for advertising your music.


Tours, mailing lists, and press kits are all effective strategies for growing your YouTube subscribers.


Step outside and explore the real world.


Events, live music, and one-on-one networking are essential components of efficient music promotion.


It’s simple to become engrossed in online music advertising. But if you ignore reality, you’ll pass on important chances to expand your audience.


Be in charge of your online visibility.


The online home for your music is the website for your band. You have total control over how your audience engages with your content in this one and only place.


Don’t let this opportunity slip by; learn how to build a useful band website.


Boost your music’s visibility on social media.


To build an engaging social media feed, you can’t just rely on your releases.


Nowadays, music is just one aspect of music promotion.


Everything that could help explain your sound’s story is welcome, including videos, pictures, interviews, essays, playlists, sample packs, studio visits, live events, and anything else.


You can use memes, TikToks, and short Tweets to spread your message and expand your audience.


Whether you like it or not, your fans want you to be active on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other ones.


Keep in mind that, as an artist, you are privileged to have a platform from which to share your opinions and ideas regarding the current moment.


Before starting your advertising, consider what it says about your music to help focus your efforts. You can choose what to accept and what to reject with the help of the answer.


Just keep in mind to start with your sound and vision while you’re preparing your social media content.


Let’s take a closer look at the specific factors you need to take into account when promoting your music on the most popular social media platforms available today.

Spend time working on YouTube SEO.


The third-largest search engine on the planet is YouTube. You can get free views each month if you can position your video at the top of the YouTube search results.


How can you raise your position?


The most well-liked videos on YouTube, on the other hand, are not listed in response to a search. The user is presented with the most pertinent movies and channels. Here are a few things to think about:


In the title and description of your video, use pertinent keyword(s): YouTube’s algorithm is capable of parsing text directly. By including your target phrase in the metadata, you ask YouTube to consider it while evaluating the query.


How can you develop a sentence that perfectly sums up the information in your video? It’s simply basic keyword research, therefore I suggest using a programme like Tubebuddy (review here) or vidIQ (review here).


Closed captions should be used: By adding subtitles, you increase your chances of interacting with and reaching a global audience. If your speech occasionally gets a little choppy, it also enhances the user experience for your regional viewers.


Make Your Own Thumbnails: A potential viewer’s initial visual impression of your video is your thumbnail. If you catch their eye with a vibrant thumbnail and peak their curiosity with your headline, they are more likely to click through. If your videos have a recognisable look and feel, viewers will be able to recognise them more immediately.


Engagement: After clicking on your video, it’s crucial that people engage with it. Do most of your viewers watch at least 50 percent of your video? Are they also watching your channel and commenting on or like your videos? The better, the more participation.


Assist other media organisations


Do you wish to connect with a group of people who haven’t heard of you before?


After that, work with other creators. Cross-promotion is a great way to increase your audience size quickly. Simple mechanics are employed. When a creator with a comparable audience (and probably different stuff) recommends your content, instant social proof is produced. It convinces their intended audience to research you.


Find channels that resemble these to find potential collaborators:


Influence: Your chances of securing a partnership are minimal if you are contacting a channel that has ten times as many subscribers as you do. If not, you’ll have to give them something else valuable.


You can examine your audience’s preferences and other channels they watch, as well as their interests. In your comments section, you can locate a few fascinating creators to collaborate with.

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