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There are hundreds of Best stock Market Tips Provider in India available in the market. One of the best share market tips providing application is Tips Mandi. Tips Mandi is India’s No.1 tips aggregator who provides tips from upto 100 top advisories and research analysts. This is an all in one platform for the share market tips and services such as education and analysis of company performance.

This platform provides the best in-app services with a smooth UI. The application come with different features which makes it unique and worth it. Here are the things that make tips Mandi the best share market tips provider. There are different features in the application to be talked about and covered up such as the tips, education, synopsis of the companies listed and many more

Tips Mandi- Working of Tips Mandi

The first and foremost feature of the platform is the tips they provide. Tips Mandi is India’s no 1 tips aggregator, best share market tips provider who provide aggregated tips from upto 100 leading advisories. The application has the whole process of choosing the tips to make sure the tips delivered are relevant and best.

The tips that are provided on the platform goes through three different steps: fundamental analysis, technical analysis and research and analyst team. The process begins from the fundamental analysis. The analysis brings out these decluttered tips. These tips then go through the technical analysis. The analysis is done through zeta software which helps in bringing out the best and relevant out of these. This whole process is done under Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

The software is best as it helps in filtering out the relevant tips. These tips later go to the research and analysis team who finally declutter the best tips out of these filtered tips and then provide them to the customers according to the plans they have subscribed to. These are the three different steps through which the best-aggregated tips are obtained and provided to the clients.

Features of Tips Mandi – Best Share Market Tips Provider

There are many applications in the market and what makes tips Mandi different from others is the features and the service they provide. Here is the list of the features that the platform provides to their clients which makes the working of the stock market easy for them.

  1. Directly Login to your desired broker
  2. Learning School for Investors
  3. Synopsis of the companies listed on BSE/NSE
  4. Hassle-Free Customer Care Services
  5. Refer and Earn programs

Directly login with your desired broker

Tips Mandi applications have the option where you can directly log in to your desired broker. You don’t need to visit the website every time you trade, you can directly go to the application and login through the option of the Demat provided in the bottom bar. You will find every broker there. Hence you can easily enjoy the direct login which is hassle-free.

This is one of the best features of the application which will save much of your time.

Leaning school for Investors

Another best feature of the Tips Mandi application is the learning school. Here you will find videos and webinars related to the stock market which will help in understanding the market better. The videos provided are through the experts. These videos are clear about every topic related to the share market. This platform provides the best share market tips for beginners, along with education.

There is another feature provided onboard which is a video on demand. You can ask for the videos that you want, particular topics and you will get the video for the same. Using this feature you can clear up doubt, have access and learn about the market thoroughly through the experts.

Synopsis of the companies listed on BSE/NSE

You can easily go through the company’s past performance through the chart available on the application. This chart gives an overview of the performance of the companies for 1 day, 5 days, 3 months, 6 months and 5 years. Using this chart you can analyse the company performance which will be helping in making a better investment decision. You can easily check the company performance with the tip provided and make a decision wisely on the same.

Hassle-free customer care services

The application Tips Mandi is well known for its customer care services. The Complaints registered on the portal will be solved within 3 hours from the time it was raised. The customer care support is available for the clients till the market closes. You can later raise your queries and doubts which will be solved. Overall the customer care services provided by the platform is top-notch and the complaints are soles keeping the minute details in mind.

Refer and Earn Program

Refer and the program is another best way by which you can earn money without even investing. The first way to earn is by investing. The share market is volatile, the market can go up and down. The tips provided on the platform comes with an accuracy of upto 90%. The tips may or may not work depending on the market trend. So investing is one way to earn money in the share market.

On the other hand, you can earn by referring and earning programs. You can refer the application to your friends, family or anyone and if the person downloads and login into the application you can claim the points for the same. Each refers comes with 100 points. These points convert to some amount of the money which you can either use to buy plans or redeem whatever suits you.


Tips Mandi is a SEBI registered research analyst. The application provides aggregated tips from upto top 100 advisories. The accuracy of the tips is upto 90%.

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Advantage of using Best Stock Market Tips Provider in India – Tips Mandi

  • Tips mandi is the no. 1 tips aggregator that provides the best tips for the share market
  • Tips prodded are unbiased, as they go through hundreds of advisories and choose the common tips and the best one
  • Push notification provides updates on market trends.
  • Synopsis for the companies, check the performance of past 5 years
  • Each plan has 30 minimum tips.
  • Both dark and light themes are available
  • Partner with our program available
  • Videos on demand, engaging webinars

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