Box printing Techniques for Designing Custom Mailers

Confused as to what are the best options for box printing e-commerce packaging? There is more than one way the boxes can communicate and resonate with your customer demographic.

Whether you aim to deliver bulky electronics or light-weight makeup palettes, you need shipping boxes that can serve the purpose with aplomb.

Nothing creates more tension with customers than worn-out and rustic boxes. Have you ever received your favorite items in damaged or soggy packaging? What were your first thoughts about the brand?

Well, most of us won’t even think about buying from the brand ever again! That is how important effective shipping is for elevating brand recognition and loyalty.

What are the options?

As a seller in the dense e-commerce markets, you would be feeling the pressure of outdoing your rivals and giving your customers a worthy shopping procedure.

The popular notion is that designs and box look is all you need to become more famous. However, it is only half the actual story. Custom printing is actually more than just the pretty embellishment one sees on shipping boxes. It has the power to not only alter the customers’ perception of your brand but also align all your branding to form a convincing brand story. One that stays with customers for a long time.

In this article, we will show you what you can do with your shipping boxes and how your custom printing can become the next talked-about topic on social media.

So, let’s begin.

Option 1: Set a specific business aura

What does this entail? Your brand must generate certain emotions among your core customers. You have the freedom to choose how they see your brand image. Do you wish your brand to appear serious, fun, mysterious, or futuristic? Any brand feel can be conveniently imbibed on the boxes.

It starts with styling your brand logo. The company name and signature emblem are what customers remember the most about a brand. Make sure that you print these in fonts and colors that go with your overall brand personality.

You have the option to utilize stylish die-cuts, embossing, foil stamping, along with many other unique effects on your brand name and logo printed on the boxes. All these set a tone for the company and enable customers to view the brand as you wish.

Option 2: Make customers feel included

This is perhaps the most significant use of customized printing. Buyers want to feel involved with their purchases. And using personalized messages is a good way to make them feel a part of the brand they buy.

You can use various tricks to achieve this. Handwritten notes inside the boxes or texts printed on the inner box flaps are effective ways your customers can feel at home with your company instantly. Many brands have now started to inscribe the customers’ names for a more personalized vibe.

Other methods include using ribbons for sealing boxes, using custom inserts for multiple product parts, and stating how the products are suitable for customers. You can literally consider your core customers before box printing messages that pertain to their expectations.

Option 3: Complement your digital brand promotions

The best part about custom printing is that it makes the boxes an extension of your brand without creating the boxes in a bubble.

This is a good way to align the boxes with your overall marketing drives. Using relative colors, patterns, and brand tag lines, can all help to reinstate the branding elements on the customers. Such boxes also remain longer in customers’ memories and shun the need for hiring excessive sales teams.

For instance, if your current marketing campaign is to introduce new products then the boxes can also inform customers of them. Alternatively, if you want your customers to know of upcoming promotions then the boxes can convey these aptly to buyers. The box content can resonate with all the marketing goals to generate a cohesive, multi-faceted strategy.

box printing

Option 4: Give customers the best ever shopping experience

Happy customers are on every brand’s wish list. Custom printing is an effective and surprising way to impress shoppers. So much choice at retail markets enables even little custom components to make a big difference.

Expert custom box manufacturers use the latest printing technology to present professional boxes. These are made to incorporate the latest trends and customer tastes. The current social media craze is the unboxing feel. Pro box makers employ creative box shapes and appearances that have a high chance of appearing in these videos and engaging more customers.

Right from feeling the box texture to viewing and reading the box content, everything forms a persuasive shopping experience that customers wish to repeat frequently.

Options 5: Reduce losses

Even though not many e-commerce retailers admit the effects of boxes to lower accidents, the truth is that sturdy boxes labeled with apt handling guidelines are 50% less probable to damages.

We all have seen fragile items shipped in boxes that mention the nature of the products on top. The boxes are also a good way to communicate with customers on a one-on-one basis. The brand can convey how the products must be stored, transported, and handled. It shuns the need for extra paper and lowers refunds and replacements.

Option 6: Ease for tracking shipment

An added prevention measure for the boxes is to print them with QR codes. It dually helps to control inventory and track any lost items. Customers can also keep a tab on their shipment via the tracking info provided on the websites.

Particularly, during the upcoming holiday season, making deliveries on time is a crucial factor to win over customers. Lost items can cause unmatchable losses to companies and can also deter their repute amongst customers.

Now is the time to use custom box printing in your stride. Make this year’s festivities count to improve brand recognition like never before!


You must check out the custom printing options before opting for the final brand look. Use this chance to uplift your shipping efficiencies.