Build Your Own Subscription Based Platform like OnlyFans using WordPress

A subscription-based platform like OnlyFans has become more popular in the past few years. The app features a network-based design making the app useful for its users. It means saying that these platforms are made for adult workers, bloggers, celebrities as well as influencers.

Since it was founded in 2016, OnlyFans has funded more than $600 million to content creators. The app lets creators get paid by their fans for content by a monthly subscription starting from $4.99 to $49.99; the app then holds a 20% commission. 

A creator can also have a free page where they will charge fans to access pay-per-view content. There are users who have both a subscription and free page as it lets them spread and increase their income.

Steps to create a website like OnlyFans

Easy steps to create a Platform like OnlyFans:

OnlyFans is an advanced infrastructure and composite IT product built with well-developed features. Creating such a platform using WordPress can be challenging. Nevertheless here are the steps;

Step 1 – Get a domain

The first step to creating your OnlyFans Clone should have a domain. The best place to get a domain for your website is Here, you will create a domain name that will influence your users, giving them the aspiration to visit and come back to your site.

Step 2 – Get a Webhosting plan 

You must get a hosting plan to keep your site live on the web, you can probably get Cpanel deluxe plan on It offers you unlimited domain to host.

Step 3 – Install Sponzy PHP script

When creating a domain, you have to come up with a fairly simple process and easy to remember, just like OnlyFans.

Things to study when creating a website like OnlyFans

As you plan on creating your Platform like OnlyFans, you have to keep in mind these features;

  • Business analysis:
    Expert business analysts understand ways of calculating and avoiding risks, monitoring development growth as well as bringing the project to a considerably high level of return on investment after launch. Hence, business analysis is a vital part of the development and growth of your website.
  • Development:
    The design and development of your website are also important features. The design of your site will influence your user instantly. As a result, you should come up with a smart design that is both simple and convenient. Additionally, you need to have advanced data such as profile management, approval form, payments, chat, settings, posts, management as well as accounts.
  • Front end development:
    Make sure that your platform is much easy to use while it offers top-rated functionality and performance. Therefore, you will need to think about the front-end development before coming to the final decision.
  • Back end development:
    This development requires pretty close attention to aspects as well as excellent developer skills. Some basic functionality contains database design, planning, research, utilization, profile management, payments, notification, and instruction to name a few.
  • Testing:
    Since creating a Platform like OnlyFans is a widespread project, it considerably needs huge test numbers across all stages of operation. This is important as it helps in fixing bugs while improving the user experience.
  • Deployment:
    You must deploy your app on the server and submit it to a major platform once fully satisfied with its design and features. Make sure to launch your app once you have achieved all your requirements and authorize the testing stage.

Features of apps like OnlyFans

This subscription-based platform offers more features that are very useful for both fans and creators. However, below is the list of some important features:

  • User profile. As a user, you should sign in to an app like OnlyFans quickly to know basic information.
  • Chat. It is vital to install a chat feature. This lets users connect with content creators.
  • Purchase Content. As a user, you can request custom-made content such as a wedding anniversary or purchase content that is already present on the creator’s profile.
  • Payment. You have to come up with a mode of payment to make it easy for users to purchase products hence increasing growth and making the app quite easy to use.
  • Share content. As a creator, you have to share your content, videos, or photos, as per the follower’s demand.
  • Subscription plan. Creators should have prospects to create a custom subscription plan that will provide their subscribers with unlimited access.
  • Receive payment. The creators must be able to receive payments from their subscribers once the platform retains its commission.
  • Interaction. Content creators can talk with subscribers through one-on-one calls or chats. This can be a method of earning more money.
  • Request status The creator should be able to view end-to-end requests from their followers.
  • Managing advertisement Users have a chance to increase additional content and make revenue by advertising ads.
  • Managing alerts. The user has to manage all notifications sent to a customer.


With this blog, the first step to creating a website like OnlyFans is easy. The time and cost estimation might seem more, the fund will pay off within no time. Therefore, if you are interested in creating such a website, consider following the tips discussed in this blog or contact FansForX and you will never be disappointed.