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Buying Tractor Tyres: All You Need to Know

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When your tractor tyres need to be replaced, there are a number of aspects to consider. When looking for tractor wheels for sale, looking for ‘tractor tyres near me,’ or checking a tractor tyre pricing list.

There are many different manufacturers, brand names, kinds, and sizes to choose from. However, you must consider more factors than only the price of tractor tyres while making your purchase. When purchasing BKT tractor tyres, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

It’s Critical To Understand The Tractor Tyre Size Code.

Tractor tyres, including other equipment, have a designation that indicates their size. A 650/65 R42 tyre, for example, is 650mm in width and seems to have a profile length of 65 percent of that, or 422.5mm. This only fits on the wheel rims with a diameter of 42 inches.

The distinction between standard, enhanced flexion and extremely high flexion wheels is significant.

Improved Flexion (IF) tractors tyre varieties can sustain 20 per cent higher weights at the same pressure range or the same weight at 20 per cent lower pressures than regular tractor tyres due to their unique sidewall construction.

Extremely high flexion tractors tyre go one step further. They provide double the flex ability of enhanced flexion varieties, allowing them to bear 40% more weight at the same pressure range or 40% less weight at lower pressures.

Such tractor tyres are more expensive. But if you use your tractor for a lot of agricultural activities, move between field and road regularly, and want to prevent soil degradation, the investment is worthwhile.

You must not modify the tractor tyre diameter without first determining whether it is possible.

Wheels/rims with diameters of 34in, 38in, 42in, or 46in are standard on most semi agricultural machinery. The size of the tractor’s tyre rim will be the first factor in determining the type of tractor tyre you’ll need.

The R number is the last number in the tractor’s tyre size, and it indicates the tyre width in inches, whereby the tractor tyre may fit. Unless we change the tyres on the tractor, which is not always feasible, you must use the R measurement of the tyres that were previously installed on it.

You should also make certain that the tractor tyre profile you select – the second digit in the tractor’s tyre size – will go beneath the tractor’s mudguard. Maintaining the tractor’s gear and speed using the same tractor tyre profiles as before will guarantee that the tractor’s gearing and speed are not affected. Keep in mind that if you pick bigger tyres to enhance contact area and hence flotation. You may also require wider tyre rims to match.

If At All Feasible, Purchase In Pairs.

When a tyre gets damaged, it may be essential to replace it with a new one. Unless the opposite tractor tyre is very fresh, the tractor tyres get changed in pairs on the very same axle. This method of changing tractor tyres ensures that each tyre produces equal effort while pulling hard and that the tractor’s grip is consistent across the axle.

It’s Best To Buy From A Seller Who Specializes In Agriculture.

Not that every tyre retailer specializes in tractor wheels or has workers who are experts in this field. At the same time, the basic knowledge and principles of inflation and tyre fitting are the same. For example, tyres for highway use and tyres for farm equipment applications are vastly different.

Ownership Of Manufacturer Trademarks And Companies May Change.

Takeovers and market entries/exits are all common occurrences in the company. Check if the label on the tractor wheels you’re buying is a premium brand or the name of the manufacturers. Brands, such as Vredestein Tractor Tyres, have been around for decades in the tractor tyre industry.

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