Can I have a natural abortion with a grandmother’s remedy?

As part of our work to share information and resources on abortion, we, Get abortion pills in Dubai, constantly answer private questions from users. Over the past year, we have observed that the number of women who wonder if they can use a grandmother’s potion for an abortion has increased. Can plants be use for abortion? What about the bleach?

We felt so challenged by these questions that we decided to devote an entire blog to them.

Whenever we are asked about the use of grandmother’s remedies for abortion, we respond with a simple and straightforward answer: No, grandmother’s potions are not safe or effective methods of interrupting. pregnancy. Several homemade mixes will not work and are often just plain dangerous. Grandmothers’ remedies are considered a dangerous form of abortion by the World Health Organization because it threatens the health and safety of women. In fact, we know that these unsafe abortion methods could send nearly 7 million women a year to a hospital bed, and are responsible for around 13% of maternal deaths worldwide. 1 We will never recommend that a woman try to terminate a pregnancy with a grandmother’s remedy.

However, that doesn’t mean you are out of options

However, that doesn’t mean you are out of options. There are indeed safe abortion methods and supportive resources are available. Get abortion pills in Dubai is just one of the many teams out there who go out of their way to make sure women are not at risk when they have abortions.

Why are grandmothers’ remedies dangerous for an abortion?

To be able to dismiss some ideas about homemade potions, we first need to make you understand why they are risky options for an abortion.

First of all, many of the grandmother’s remedies used for abortion are ineffective. They have become popular thanks to myths and inaccurate information, but are not based on medical data. Pineapple and papaya are good examples of homemade blends that don’t work. None of its fruits will ever cause the uterus to expel a pregnancy. If you eat too much, however, you will get stomach aches or diarrhea.

To complicate matters further,

To complicate matters further, a lot of Grandma’s Potions cannot be handled safely. Take plants and herbs, for example. Although some plants and herbs have medicinal properties, their potency is difficult to assess. It is also difficult to predict how these herbs or plants will interact with other body systems. In addition to being often ineffective, they can cause side effects most of the time.


Finally, several remedies from grandmothers concocted to abort are extremely dangerous. They do not target pregnancy, but rather pose a generalized risk to the body. Drinking bleach or too much aspirin, for example, can kill.

Identification of safe abortion methods

If grandmothers’ potions aren’t safe options to explore, then how do you get an abortion? The medical community recognizes two safe and effective methods, namely: medical abortion (Abortion pills in Dubai online) and surgical abortion.

Let’s talk about surgical abortion first

Let’s talk about surgical abortion first. A surgical abortion should be performed by a specially trained medical provider and under hygienic clinical conditions. Please note: in many countries, false doctors (often called “charlatans”) may claim that they are able to perform an abortion. To do so is very dangerous. Do not seek care for a surgical abortion from someone who is not a medical expert with abortion training, or from someone who works outside of a sterile clinical setting.

Medical abortion

It may be difficult for some women to access a surgical abortion depending on their country. Many countries restrict or prohibit care related to surgical abortion. If you are looking for information on abortion options in your country, you can visit our list of country profiles to learn more about abortion where you live.

Medical abortion, however, has become a more common means of terminating early pregnancies. Medical abortion relies on two types of Abortion Pills Available In UAE: mifepristone and misoprostol. You can have a medical abortion using either a combination of mifepristone and misoprostol or repeated doses of misoprostol alone. 2 Note: When choosing a medical abortion, having the right information , including exact instructions , is essential .

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