CCNA Certified by Cisco: Ten Reasons to Get This Certification

Isn’t it true that we’ve all had a longing to work for one of the top IT firms? Despite the fact that technology has penetrated several industries, there are numerous career prospects available. The competition, on the other hand, is fierce.

The job candidate must possess what we collectively refer to as a “X-Factor.” Today, we’ll look at how a CCNA certification, might help you gain an edge in the IT profession. We’ll go over ten reasons why people should pursue this certification in order to improve their chances of landing their desired job.

Top 10 reasons to do CCNA

Ensure that you have a firm grasp of the fundametals

To move forward in life, it’s critical to understand one’s core knowledge. The CCNA certification follows the same philosophy, since it assists the learner in gaining a thorough understanding of the subject. It is easy to have an understanding of “n” number of topics in today’s world, but being proficient in them is a different storey.

By earning the Cisco CCNA certification, you’ll have a better understanding of how the real world works and how the skills you’ll learn will help you advance in your professional life. It will enable the student to select the industry in which they wish to work.

Refurbishment of existing competencies

Isn’t it true that all of our daily tasks aid in the re-establishment of our learnt skill set? The assessment and the prescribed learning materials aid in the improvement of one’s present abilities. Any credential can assist with the task at hand, but CCNA online courses and tests provide course materials as well as a fundamental understanding of the subject matter before taking the exam. One can reframe his existing skill set by doing the items stated.

Obtain confirmation of the talents you’ve learned

Regardless matter which certification you pursue, the goal remains the same. To be validated. If you want to reassure your company or get a job in the said domain, they’ll look into the Cisco CCNA certification.


It is critical to be noticed when one advances in their job. Taking an online CCNA certification course could be the first step in gaining recognition. Cisco is a well-known brand all around the world. Furthermore, a hiring manager will take note of this and award you extra brownie points during the interview process. One might acquire access to many areas or sectors by gaining recognition from a famous brand.

Acceptance throughout the business world

It is a rewarding undertaking to earn acceptability in any industry. A Cisco badge could boost your demand and acceptance in the IT business. According to a subsidiary’s research, 93 percent of companies believe that having Cisco certification in an employee’s file automatically adds more value to their job and improves their acceptance in the IT field.

Better pay than your peers

Money plays an important role in inspiring people to work in any subject or industry. Furthermore, having CCNA training increases your pay. A Cisco CCNA qualified employee earns an average annual package of US$78k, according to a third-party agency report. The CCNA certification costs only US$300, plus some additional taxes, if you look closely. Isn’t it worthwhile to invest a few dollars in order to gain multiple benefits?

Job security has improved

The field of information technology is a fast-paced one. Every day, people are fired for failing to meet performance goals, or fresh talent is hired in their stead, which brings additional value to the firm. Obtaining a CCNA certification is by far the most straightforward way to land a job in this sector. Certification improves your domain expertise and, as an added bonus, secures your place in this highly competitive area.

Your chances of getting promoted at work are as follows

In the IT field, rivalry is fierce, and to acquire an advantage over the competition, one must obtain particular supplementary certificates and knowledge. By obtaining this Cisco certification, one gains a competitive advantage over their peers while also significantly expanding their knowledge base. The following elements persuade your bosses to offer you a raise.

Opportunities arise

During the course of a person’s career, he may seek to move businesses. Various causes can cause the change, but the options accessible are still limited. By earning a CCNA certification, one opens up a world of possibilities for themselves, and they can quit the company if their career paths don’t coincide.

This certification is sought by Cisco partner companies

When an employee expresses a desire in becoming transferred inside a Cisco-affiliated organisation, the company often requires the interested applicant to earn the CCNA certification.


We hope that the following list of explanations and aspects has helped you better grasp the advantages of a CCNA certification. The competition will never come to an end. Our learnings and basic knowledge are the only other things that should not come to a halt.