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Change the FRP wall panel to install high-end PVC wallboard for wet commercial interiors

Do you know commercial interiors like dairy parlors, grow rooms, Laundromats, marinas, dog kennels, and food processing units prefer to install PVC panels rather than FRP? Traditionally the FRP panels were the ideal choice, but a lot has changed in the past few years as businesses are now remodeling their space with PVC wall materials. The FRP wallboard no longer serves the purpose because they mold and absorb moisture over time. Vinyl wall materials have emerged as a great replacement for the FRP wall panel. Duramax is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-end vinyl wall and ceiling panels. Here are a few reasons to choose Duramax panels over the traditional FRP wall material.

FRP installation is far more complicated than PVC

The FRP wallboard installation is a complex task involving two skilled workers and additional materials. You would need wooden backers, adhesives, and mounted rivets to install the FRP panels firmly to the wall. The entire installation takes two days, and during this time, the premises remain closed. Why waste the valuable time of your business on wall panel installation? Get the DIY PVC wallboard from Duramax. The DIY kits are a complete set and don’t require extra materials or any skilled workers for the installation. The DIY panels arrive with a user-friendly installation guide to help any novice install the panels within 7 to 8 hours. Businesses can use this to their advantage to hire skilled labor and install PVC panels within three hours. PVC panels have studs that directly attach to the walls and ceilings with the help of hidden fasteners. PVC panel installation is not only hassle-free but an economical choice.

FRP panels get expensive in the long run

PVC is a one-time investment. Once installed, the PVC panels last for 40 to 50 years with minimal care and upkeep. Occasionally wiping the vinyl panels with soap and damp mop is enough for retaining the white and pristine look. PVC panels are affordable for the long haul because of being extremely durable, strong, and low maintenance. On the other hand, the FRP wall panel is difficult to maintain. The rough texture of the FRP panels attracts dirt, debris, and stain easily. In addition, the wooden backers absorb moisture, which makes regular maintenance a huge hassle. FRP panels need professional maintenance for their upkeep that gets expensive over time. Not to forget, the FRP panels are not resistant to impacts and require repairing, repainting, and refinishing every now and then. It’s a better choice to install smooth, stain-free PVC wall panels that are impact-resistant and not susceptible to callbacks for repairs or refinishing.

FRP panels are more susceptible to damage than PVC

The wooden backers of the FRP panels are responsible for the material rotting, molding, and absorbing moisture. The backers can cause the panel to degrade and peel off over time. Professional upkeep every few months can ensure your panels stay in good disposition. That’s the reason why vinyl panels are a better choice. The vinyl material has no backers to absorb moisture. The non-porous vinyl panels shed excess moisture from the external surface without any absorption, unlike FRP. The vinyl panels have hidden fasteners that make the installation look seamless and ensure far greater strength. The invisible hardware of vinyl paneling is not only aesthetically appealing but ensures stronger and safer wallboard that’s resistant to high impacts, abuses, and moisture damage. The PVC panels have no fissures or crevices to hide waste materials, filth, dirt, and other debris. In the USA, vinyl panels have a reputation for being an antibacterial and mold-free wall covering for wet and humid interiors.

Wrapping up

The FRP material has several limitations that have made businesses choose vinyl panels as an alternative. The FRP panels are not 100% waterproof and do not have a smooth stain-free surface. The panels require professional maintenance and last long only with expert care. If you are looking for a long-term and cost-effective solution to cover and protect the walls and ceilings, then choose Duramax vinyl panels. The premium quality Duramax panels completely comply with the FDA, CFIA, and ASTM quality standards. The wall panels are quality checked and then dispatched within 2 weeks to the commercial locations. Duramax wall panels are much more affordable than other PVC products as they arrive directly from the factory customized to suit specific commercial applications. Request a quote now. Book your free consultation today.