Chocolate cake varieties that you should try

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Someone wise once said, “Life seems much better as we try out different kinds of chocolate cakes.” The best of both worlds, chocolate and cake, coming together to make our lives super dreamy, creamy, and utterly butterly delicious is sure to make everyone forget all kinds of blues and miseries as they dig into these baked sweetnesses. Some people prefer to bake their favorite chocolate cake or photo cake from scratch, while others prefer to order from the best cake shop online to satisfy our cake cravings. We’ve all had chocolate cakes, no doubt, but did you know there are so many different kinds of chocolate cakes out there? We’re pretty sure not many of us did, which is why we did some research on your behalf and curated this blog for you. 

Truffle Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate truffle cakes are among the most popular types of chocolate cakes you will ever come across in your life. Its super moist and rich decadent chocolate ganache and soft chocolate cake layers make it an irresistible cake choice.

Cakes with Chocolate Pinatas

Pinata cakes are the newest fad in the baking industry, but chocolate pinata cake have already begun to make a name for themselves as if they had always existed. The idea of breaking open a hard chocolate outer shell to reveal a drool-worthy chocolate cake inside appears to be enough to leave you and your loved ones drooling. You can also opt for an online cake delivery and have the cake delivered at your doorstep.

Mocha Chocolate Cakes

This one is especially for you, coffee lovers! “Chocolate plus coffee brings sheer joy,” as the saying goes, and this is exactly what bakers all over the world took very seriously and blessed us all with chocolate mocha cakes. This cake, prepared with just the right amount of mocha, takes the breath away from any chocolate cake and coffee lover.

Cake with Chocolate Rum

To amp up your celebrations by incorporating this type of celebratory chocolate cake. Having alcohol-infused, i.e. rum-infused chocolate cake, is sure to be a big hit on various special occasions throughout one’s life. This sweet delicacy is made by bakers with maple syrup, vanilla, and a touch of coffee, then topped with a smooth layer of chocolate rum frosting, which is what makes the cake so delicious.

Lava Chocolate Cake

Whatever type of chocolate cake you want to eat. Chocolate lava cakes are one of the most celebrated and ordered cakes throughout the year, whether it’s rainy or cold. Chocolate lava cake have a warm chocolate sauce filling that fills the dessert plate when we cut a slice with a spoon. 

Oreo Chocolate Cake

Chocolate oreo cakes have a smooth texture and a crunchy flavor. And are the perfect combination of chocolate cake online and our favorite cookies, Oreos. From the delectable cream filling to the crumbled Oreo cookie bits and pieces. This cake is a perennial favorite among GenZ and millennials alike. Also you can make cake delivery in Mumbai online

Pull-Me-Up Cakes in Chocolate

Around the time that pinata cakes became popular, another cake that people anticipated was chocolate pull me up cakes. It’s a decadent chocolate cake encased in a see-through plastic wrapper. As one lifts the plastic covering, a rich chocolate sauce spreads over the entire chocolate cake. Making it nothing short of a chocolate cake lover’s dream.

Chocolate Cakes from Belgium

Do you dislike overly sweet chocolate cakes? A Belgian chocolate cake, with its exotic bittersweet chocolatey taste, should become your new favorite chocolate cake. Because authentic Belgian chocolates have a bittersweet flavor, it makes a luxurious treat for any not-so-sweet-chocolate-cake-loving-relisher out there.

Cake with Chocolate Nuts

Do you get a guilt trip every time you indulge in a sweet affair with your chocolate cake because of the calories you end up gaining? Then, to make it your new favourite chocolate nuts cake. Add some nutritious nuts as a topping and in the cake batter. The crunchiness of the nuts perfectly complements the sweet taste of the chocolate cake. And you’re sure to fall in love with it.

Cake with Chocolate Fudge

Last but not least, there are chocolate fudge cake for all you fudge fans out there. Fudge cake were initially thought to be the ideal type of chocolate cake in terms of consistency or texture. This cake is a heavenly treat for sure, as it is dense, smooth, and incredibly moist. You can either take our word for it or give it a shot right away.


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