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Choosing a Home Remodeling | An Irritation

Home Remodeling and construction is a dream for every person and family. They come to a day where they can build a new home or renovate their kitchen or bathroom. SL Construction has been helping and serving clients for the last 30 years with their classical and professional Home remodeling and rehab services in Chicago, IL.

Why Choosing SL Construction?

 We are the pioneers of construction and home remodeling. We assure you that nobody does rehab construction better than us, widely serving the Chicago area for the l; past 30 years. Our comprehensive approach to remodeling properties will convert your homes into luxurious residences. Where your lifestyle will shine and you will look glossier. We work on every minor detail and finish to ensure that your home is shining and brightening other people. With our Italian wooden floors and top-of-the-line painting services. We are providing you with Millenium remodeling services with a result-oriented service. 

Home remodeling considered many aspects and extinguished necessary changes, including windows, doors, flooring, and wallpapering services. At SL construction, you will be able to get all these with a single count because we are considered a complete home contractor serving Chicago and nearby cities with a professional experience of the last 30 years. Our paint will nourish your walls make you feel safer and glow. 

Our Extra Services

SL Construction provides an exceptional range of bathroom remodeling for our clients, including multiple tiling options and fittings. With having great expertise in bathroom remodeling, our customers widely appreciate us. 

Home construction is not the only part that fulfills your dreams, but many aspects make it together to make your dream come true, and one of those is stairs and floors; with SL Construction, you will get the best stair step construction in Chicago. Our minor detailing and monitoring towards your stairs and steps will bring balance and equality to your floor so your children can play and go upside down to their homes, older adults can walk easily, and yes, most important, you can rush to your bedroom, which is on the second floor. 

Satisfaction, Our Priority

No matter if you are looking for a home remodeling contractor in Chicago or bathroom remodeling, we are into complete home building services, which even includes heated floors and drywall installation, with our remarkable projects over the past 30 years we are considered as the top-notch rehab contractor in Chicago and nearby suburbs as well. We build homes like no one else by providing you a 3d design at the start working on every detail together with our client and helping them even choose colors for there paints and doors we understand that clients needs best for their houses.

We know how we are going to satisfy our clients with our expertise and professionalism there is no hidden charges or hook up charges in our project estimated cost we will cover the project in the price that we quoted you initially at the start of the project so you know what precisely your budget is and how much are you willing to spend with us, just to let our customers know that SL Construction is helping in every way to get the dream of the clients come true. 


At SL Construction, you can also enjoy the joy of working with us. As a team and helping hand by enjoying hot meals with us and having complimentary coffee. We understand that clients want to know what’s going on with the construction on day to day over their houses. So we invite our clients over the site and help them examine every detail of our remodeling. Because we believe in transparency and clarity, so we don’t want our clients to leave behind, We are proudly serving as Remodeling and Rehan Contractor in Chicago area because our clients love us respect us and understand that SL Construction is professional and hardworking company as per as construction management and home building is concerned. 

We welcome every client who is looking for an immaculate home with a charming atmosphere and unique extinguished luxury lifestyle. We promise to amaze you with the quality and the comprehensive approach of our outstanding and lavish home remodeling and rehab construction. Which will make you live longer in your home in the future. No matter whats your age or how long you live with SL Consutruction. We are here to make your dream home built.