Choosing an accurate color for your logo design

Choosing an accurate color for your logo design

You must be thinking why you need this whole blog to readjust to pick a color for your brand logo but logos do not work that simply and there is a reason why there are professional logo design service agencies. They have a professional graphics designer with a good amount of experience who understands that analogy and the psychology of colors.

And if you are willing to create a logo that conveys powerful expression to the target audience you also have to understand colors psychology with other aspects. Logo design service spends quite amount to create a logo and it takes every detail to invent any logo when we see one and we like its creativity their dozens of details hid behind that one logo we can not see.

A designer considers all the expressions and reactions of customers after they see a logo. How it should affect or trigger the viewer’s mood. There is no specific that you would say is better, it is not about what color you like or look better to you it’s the nature of your business that chooses any color. Different color speaks differently to the viewer, and the color you are going to choose will be everywhere either it’s your business card, packaging, advertisement, and websites theme so you have to pick wisely it does not look that big but it is.

Colors are a powerful tool for communication that we use to take an example of a traffic signal or alert signs that they are always red or when it is green, we understand that it’s an ok sign.


Different Colors Trigger Different Emotions:

Colors influence our actions and moods; some people might feel comfortable wearing dark colors because they like to hide between them and then some people like bright colors and they feel bored of monochromes and dark colors. Few colors are associated with hunger, quick example of MacDonald or KFC, whenever we see those reds or yellow, we feel like we need to eat something and we are damn hungry. This is one of the examples of how colors trigger our moods.

Let’s, talk about how different colors trigger different emotions:



You must have seen red in most of the logos mostly in the food industry, ever wondered why? Why do both Macdonald’s and KFC have red logos? Why do these new ventures always include red color with their theme? The experts state that red passes the expression of energy, power, and strength.

People tend to get excited when they see the color red associated with food. And in other cases, red also indicates the expressions of anger, revenge, or determination.

When people have to put trigger or warning signs, they use red we all know that. Sometimes red senses danger to us because it is a color of blood as well, our mind unconsciously tells us when the red color is an indication of danger.



Optimism is a word for yellow color for logo design service field. If your brand is about something that you think might cheer your customers then designers usually pick yellow colors. With red, yellow is often used in the food industry as well. It indicates happiness, joy, enthusiasm, and confidence, you might have seen a lot of yellow in kindergartens.

It is to be known that yellow color makes you feel joy-full and fresh, that is why this color is normally used in kids’ school to brighten up their moods and they would feel more excited to study and learn.



Isn’t it everyone’s all-time favourite? Ever wonder why? Because black indicates power and boldness we feel something different wearing black. And whenever we see brands with black themes or logos, we think it’s basic, simple, sophisticated yet elegant that is why most gatherings or functions make black as their theme or dress code. Black makes us secure because it is known to indicate the color of security.



The sign of purity, cleanliness, simplicity, and hope. Isn’t it what we were taught even when we were kids, Cartoons used to indicate good white, and evil with red. This color is mostly used for religion-related brands or flower shops sometimes to soothe your mind.



The color we see the most literally everywhere, brands even using it single-handed only no other color but blue only because blue is a sign of trust, loyalty, and stability. Most big businesses use the blue color like Facebook, Microsoft, Hp, Dell and yes, some health products like head and shoulders, Oral B, etc. the are list ongoing and unstoppable.



Feeling healthy already after reading the name of color ‘GREEN’? yes, hashtag me too. Why everything healthy is green? Vegetables, hope, growth, and green also refer to reassurance and ok signal. Why do we feel ok to continue whenever we see green? The green online symbol we see in people’s chat and we think assured.

We were trained forever to trust the color green because it assures our minds that everything is fine. Logo design service companies know how to play every color here.



The color you do not always see. But it has quite a heavy impact on the viewer’s mind. Let’s just think of some examples of logos the purple logos only or the theme. Not a lot, right? Because the gorgeous color purple reflects the sign of luxury, royalty, ambition, and quality. Mostly chocolate brands tend to use these kinds of colors or some other posh brands that not the average class uses.

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