What are the importance of custom product packaging?

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Due to the pandemic, people are stuck at home and unable to buy products from traditional stores. Therefore, today’s customers have turned to their only option i.e, online shopping.

Consumer behavior has changed and e-commerce sales have increased dramatically over the past year.  So the demands for cardboard shipping boxes also increased. According to retail experts, cardboard shipping boxes now account for more than 80% of packaging for online orders.

Just as in stores, custom product packaging is critical to engaging new customers and developing an appealing brand presence. Now companies need to focus their marketing efforts on how shipping boxes resonate with customers. Then need to create a satisfying unboxing experience for the end consumer.

The e-commerce trend continues unabated since custom shipping packaging is the new normal. So, let us unpack the basics of designing and printing.

What are custom shipping boxes?

Corrugated shipping boxes are commonly used for e-commerce and subscription boxes to protect items that are sent through the mail.

At Karniz Packs, our custom retail shipping boxes are the ideal solution for e-commerce packaging needs and an excellent choice for a variety of applications. We offer a wide selection of custom shipping boxes in various sizes for e-commerce companies, subscription box companies, and D2C brands that need to ship their items safely and securely to the other side of the world.

This type of custom product packaging is ideal for various packaging purposes. Examples are fragile electronic devices, cosmetics, beverages, bulky automotive products, food, and more. In addition, our custom printed shipping boxes are considered safe for contact with most dry, non-greasy foods.

Not only for commercial purposes but also for individual shipping there are many possible uses. Corporate events are also a great occasion to use personalized packaging. Something as simple as a box with a lid that says “Thanks for attending” can add that extra touch to your events.

Personalized Mailing Boxes – Designs

Custom product packaging goes far beyond what is common in the packaging industry. Karniz Packs offers eye-catching aesthetics with clean packaging construction, durable shipping materials, high-quality graphics, and a variety of remarkable aesthetic options.

Personalization transforms your product packaging into a unique advertising medium. You can count on even the most delicate goods to not only look fantastic and keep your product safe but also leave a lasting impression on your recipient thanks to personalized branding with an endless selection of styles, embellishments, material finishes, and shapes.

Our custom product packaging can be fully personalized on both the outside and inside, giving your customers an unwrapping experience. Incorporating your brand’s logo into custom product packaging adds a touch of elegance to your business. The customization options are endless, whether it’s black and white, full-color printing, or hot stamping your brand’s logo.

Custom Shipping Boxes – Printing Services Kerala

For protection and style, premium shipping boxes are the highest quality product packaging we offer. Karniz Packs in Kerala offers custom shipping boxes in two ways: either directly on the corrugated board or on an offset sheet incorporated into the corrugated board.

Direct to corrugated printing is the more standard and straightforward printing service we offer, available in white or brown paper. This kind of printing is a sustainable and budget-friendly product packaging solution.

A corrugated board consists of a fluted sheet and two flat liner boards, creating an extremely strong and durable package – perfect for protecting and transporting goods. The corrugated range is a cost-effective, lightweight printing service for transporting most items of all weights, sizes, and shapes.

Premium corrugated printing includes offset printed sheets laminated to a corrugated board. This luxurious custom product packaging will impress your customers with high-quality graphics from the offset printing and exceptional protection from the corrugated cardboard, which ensures the package maintains a beautiful appearance during shipping and in the shop.

Be Proficient with custom printing and packaging from Karniz Packs.

Need something unique for your business? Custom product packaging is far less complicated than it seems. At Karniz Packs, we will customize product packaging to your specific dimensions by adding unique branding components such as logos, images, or text.

Contact us today if you are looking for a reliable custom printing and packaging services provider in Kerala!

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