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Customized Grill Set and Other Patio Accessories

The most favored pass time of families during the weekend is definitely BBQ grilling at their patio. Kids love to play outside, kick balls, and run around. While parents prepare a luscious meal together with you all sitting down eating on this beautiful day!

The college baller can enjoy outdoor barbecues just like mommy does.  So memories last forever inside homes across America where College Spirit lives large every single Monday morning.

The perfect gift for any backyard grill master, this set offers a portable and stylish way to enjoy delicious food! Not only does it come with all the essentials – BBQ Grill + 3 Piece Tool Set in included along with an elegant cooler bag. That can be used on your back or even when camping. You’ll love how convenient having such high-quality customized grill set grilling tools has become thanks to our awesome new “Backdoor” Barbecue Grille Bag from College Rivalry Fans Unlimited!.

When you’re looking to spruce up your outdoor grilling experience, there are a variety of patio accessories that can be purchased online. These items will give any gathering or event an extra something in terms of beauty and flair! Some examples include:
This is just one example but it’s not hard for us.  All Things Grill to find other great options. When we get creative with our creativity on what makes someone feel like royalty during their stay at home. Enjoy the flame reflections off these precious jewels while eating dinner outside under stars twinkling brightly above us- such serenity might I add if only all days were nights).

For those looking to have fun during their day, the 12-foot trampoline is a perfect choice. It has an enclosure that will keep little feet from running off with it in case they’re not careful and can’t resist jumping every chance they get!

Size and Design

The enclosure is perfect for when you want to grill and enjoy the outdoors with your family. The wide opening makes it easy, even while wearing heavy shoes or boots! There are 60 pieces of galvanized steel that make up this amazing design. Which will keep everything safe from rusting along with its stay on our property (most enclosures don’t last long). We also offer other sizes depending on what space we need in order to make sure everyone has an opportunity at using them often.  So give us a call today if one caught interest by chance because once these go fast they’re gone forever.

For Outdoor Experience

For an outdoor dining experience free of the annoyance and discomfort that comes with flies, mosquitoes. Or other pests trying to get into your food you can assemble a screen at about 7.5 feet in diameter for your patio umbrella table which will keep them away.

While still allowing you to enjoy all five senses! The durable see-through mesh material used on this custom-sized frame means there’s no need to worry about dirt getting onto sensitive surfaces inside where it belongs. Outside undercover protected from inclement weather conditions such as rainstorms by simply closing uptight when not being used.

For those who may be looking into setting up their very own screened area but aren’t quite sure what size would work best; we offer. The barbeque has never been so much fun!

Handmade Panama Hammock

A handmade Panama Hammock is an excellent choice to relax after work or chat with loved ones. The cotton-based canvas ensures comfort, durability, and style in your backyard while the candle lamp creates that perfect romantic setting!

BBQ Tool Set

With the new BBQ toolset, you’ll have all of your cooking needs covered! The 18-piece or 16 piece options are perfect for any size kitchen. With the wide variety of tools available, it is easy to find one that can perform any task you need.


The Chef Master Set comes with aprons so everyone in your family can barbecue without looking like they just left high school.  But don’t worry if fashion isn’t really something worth spending money on when food tastes this good (or at least we think). If not then both sets come included as part of our portable bbq systems too. This means anytime from tailgating during football season.