Devising a Successful Campaign at an Advertising and Marketing Agency


Planning and executing a great campaign at an advertising and marketing agency is not an easy task. It requires the skill and expertise of trained professionals and a lot of research and effort. It is not an easy job to perform. And the whole process is quite systematic even though it doesn’t look like it in most ad agencies in Lahore. But that is because of the nature of this job.

The process is well defined and all the team members follow it correctly in most agencies. Of course, the method of working may vary but the basic key steps remain the same. First comes the brief, then comes the ideation and strategy, then comes content and design, and finally animation (if required) and execution. Of course, there is a whole other pool of approvals in between. The first phase of approvals and improvements is done internally, then comes the client’s feedback and the team follows the directions and incorporates the changes given by the client.

The phases that are crucial to the advertising and marketing process are:

  •       Brief
  •       Strategy and ideation
  •       Defining roles and delegating tasks
  •       Content (based on strategy)
  •       Design
  •       Animation
  •       Internal Review
  •       Client Feedback
  •       Final changes
  •      Execution

All of these steps are followed religiously in every creative advertising agency. It is a common practice and all the team members are familiar with it. And this process has to be followed properly otherwise it creates a lot of confusion and undue delays in work. Now, we will talk about these points briefly to make you familiar with the process.


When a client comes on board, the first phase is research and understanding which leads to a proper brief of the project or the campaign at hand. If the brief is not clear, the whole process gets affected. The two parties must be on the same page to move forward and deliver the best.

Strategy and Ideation

The next step in running a successful campaign is devising a proper strategy. The strategy comprises all the mechanics of the campaigns, the themes concepts, the mediums that would be used to advertise the product or service, and so on. And this stage is the most crucial because it requires attention to detail and also requires the strategist to incorporate the proper brief that is given by the client.

Defining roles and delegating tasks

The next step in this process is defining proper roles and delegating tasks amongst the team members. It is important to make sure that everyone is clear on what is required of them so that they can give their best.


Next up is the content part, and the steps following this are dependent on this one. This step makes sure that the strategy is properly translated into marketing terms that are easy to understand for the audience and potential customers.


After the content is all sorted, it is sent to design. The design gives support to the content and gives the big picture which attracts millions of eyes.


If you are going for digital streamers or advertising on social media platforms, you would also need animations. A whole other department deals with animations and ensures that the mood of the campaign is kept in the movements.

Internal Review

Once the design and animation are done, it is reviewed internally. Everyone gives their feedback and the team then starts working on changes and improvements.

Client Feedback

The next step is client feedback. All the design and animations and related material are then shared with the client for review. And once they critically analyze it, they share their feedback and the team starts working on the final product.

Final Changes

Final changes are crucial and are made with utmost care and skill. 


Once these changes are done, the whole campaign is sent to the relevant departments for execution. The digital department shares them on social media, the conventional side shares them on their respective channels.


To summarize it all up, I would like to say that devising a successful campaign at an advertising and marketing agency is quite fun but also a very critical task which requires precision and skill. And we are proud to say that we have the privilege of having the best minds on board who make this task seem very easy and natural. 

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