Different Types And Formats Of POS Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner

A barcode scanner is a reading device used for reading information written in codes. It is used in retailing like inventory management and sales. It is a small device that can be called the eyes of a point-of-sale system where products are produced for billing.

Types of barcode scanning devices

Technology has made it possible to make a device for every business like a big warehouse and a small retail store. Depending upon your needs and budget, you can buy a laser scanner, image, or CCD laser scanner.

Laser Scanners

It is a high-tech tool that works with laser technology. Laser light travels through a series of mirrors before reaching the barcode. It is sophisticated technology used for reading 1d barcodes. And it can read the codes even from a distance of 2 feet. But this POS barcode scanner requires much care as it contains multiple fragile plastic parts.

Image Scanners

The device comes with a high-end digital camera to capture and scan an image. The captured image is uploaded on the computer the device is attached to and the decoding is done by the computer. It is a useful device as it requires little maintenance. But you will need to take the camera closer to a code you want to scan.

2D Area Imagers

It is an advanced device as it can scan all codes – 1D, 2D, and stacked. Also, it can read the codes from the front, sides, upside, and downside. This way provides much freedom from holding the device before the code as you do with others. While a regular device can read codes only when the codes are placed horizontally, this advanced POS hardware provides the freedom to read the codes swiftly from every direction.

CCD Scanners

Charged Coupled Devices (CCD) devices come with miniature sensors that generate waveforms corresponding to the codes scanned and decode the information before sending the information to the point-of-sale system. Here the decoding is done inside the scanner instead of the computer.

Pen Readers

It is a reading device equipped with a light source and a photodiode. Drag the tip of the device across a code to generate a waveform that correlates to the code scanned. It also decodes the code and sends the information to the computer it is attached to. But you should know more about barcode scanners for sale in India.

Now you know about the type of devices used for scanning information stored in barcodes. The next step is to know about forms of scanners.


It is the most common type of POS hardware you can find in every grocery store. Working with this device is easier as you can point the scanner towards the codes for quick reading. Or you can buy a stand to fix the device for a hands-free operation.


If you need a device for a wide-area operation like countertop position where you can bring all goods on the counter and read their codes quickly by presenting them before the reader, then you should buy this device. It will be stationary, but its area of operation will be wider than others. It will cover a good part of the counter and read codes even from a distance.

In-Counter Scanners

It is also a stationary device used for quick reading of barcodes. Since it is embedded on a checkout counter, it is called an in-counter scanner. This POS barcode scanner is useful in grocery stores where customers do self-service. But it isn’t popular in India, where there are little to no self-service grocery stores.

Mobile Scanners

It is an advanced type that allows free movement within a Wi-Fi zone. This type of scanning device is more useful for inventory management where you deal with bulky goods. Instead of taking the goods to the scanner, you can move around with the device and scan the goods arranged in your warehouse.

One important thing to consider before you buy barcode scanners online in India is the strength of a device. And the strength includes both physical and functional strength.

Today you can easily buy barcode scanners online in India as many companies provide these devices. You will get a wide range of options to choose from and you can do a quick comparison of the given products to choose the best product.

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