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Elegant Custom Candle Boxes Can Increase Your Sales Chart

Custom candle boxes

Candle boxes have various roles to play in enhancing your candles sale. Through encasing your candles in such boxes you can exhibit your brand beautifully. However, the custom boxes will provide protection and will give an enthralling presentation to your custom candle boxes.

These boxes keep your candles safe, no matter you are displaying them on the retail shelf or sending them to your customers through shipping. Moreover, you can create the candle boxes external look appealing with the assistance of beautiful designs.

There are countless options available in the market which you can avail of to embrace your custom candle boxes. However, you can get the customizations from the design and style of the candle box to the size and shape of the box. Get marvelous designs, elegant box styles, strong materials, and many more. You can hire a good packaging company to have incredible boxes.

Give Your Candle Boxes an Awesome Outlook

There are endless choices for candle boxes styles, sizes, designs, and types available in the market. For instance, if you want a unique style of box for your precious candles, you can avail of the following:

And many more. You can get these all features to enhance the candle boxes. However, these all-additional features will surely embrace the outlook of the candle packaging in an efficient manner. But how to achieve? You can simply hire a competent packaging company.

The designer team is there to give you incredibly attractive design ideas for your candle boxes. The best thing is these ideas are customizable. Feel free to modify them according to your wishes.

In order to make your candle gift boxes enticing, go for adding beautiful add-ons. These add-ons comprise Embossing, Debossing, Gloss & Matte Finishing, Spot UV, and Window Cutting.

Thus, feel free to place your order of candle boxes by hiring a good packaging company.

Styling can Transform your Candle Boxes Outlook

Candle packaging boxes come in various styles. Are you wondering which type of box style is perfect and useful for candles? For this hire a good packaging company as they will guide you about all those styles that you can avail of from the market.

Below listed are the amazing styles which you can adopt.

Candle Sleeve Boxes

Your candles will look incredible in sleeve boxes. The sleeve box carries two parts; the one is the candle carrier whereas the other part is the sleeve that nicely covers that carrier. You can get this box in any shape of your choice. For instance, you can get it in a cylindrical shape, square shape, bottle style, or a spherical shape.

2 Piece Candle Boxes

This type is the renowned one in the candle industry as it provides an ease for candles to fit into it snugly. The mechanism of this box is simple. This box comprises two portions, one is the cover lid, and the other is the bottom box. Thus, this is an excellent choice to use as luxury candle gift boxes.

Simple Tuck End Candle Boxes

These boxes are simple candle carriers that are mostly used as retail boxes. They have a further two types:

In the retail market, candle boxes with windows are preferred. Why are they preferred? Because, with the help of the window feature, your customers can have a great look at the candles placed inside the box. Moreover, this increases the aesthetic feature of the box.

From the market, you can get all of these candle box styles with remarkable customizations.

Why Candle Boxes are Used for Retail Purposes?

The general purpose of custom candle packaging boxes is to use as retail boxes. This means you can pack your candle products in these boxes and display them on the shop shelf for the customers. But what are other uses of candle boxes?

You can use these luxury candle boxes as gift boxes, as these candles are becoming popular as gifts. Various candle products are being used as a gift by a considerable number of people. Different types of aromatic candles have been introduced in the market. Their scents are soothing and refreshing. Therefore, people are using them as gifts.

These boxes add beauty to your candles and make them more alluring. Moreover, you can utilize these boxes as your brand campaign too. For example, if you want to run a campaign for “Environmental Condition,” you can use eco-friendly candle boxes for it.

Here you can ask what kind of material you can use for candle boxes? It is a “kraft” material that is recyclable and bio-degradable. Eventually, this box material will portray your concern regarding this hot issue and create a positive image among your customers.

Along with that, you can use them as candle subscription boxes. For them, you can use candle mailer boxes. These boxes provide safety to your candles while shipping. Candle subscription is becoming popular; therefore, the need for candle subscription boxes is increasing.

Moreover, you can use candle boxes with handles and candle boxes with lids for these subscription candles.

You Can Get Candle Boxes in Any Dimensions

Generally, custom candle boxes with specific sizes are available in the market. For instance, the retail candle box has its own size, the gift candle box has its own size, and display boxes for candles have their sizes.

However, at Kwick Packaging, you can get a wide variety of custom sizes. You can customize any size according to the needs of your candles.

These are some of the standard sizes that you can avail of for your candle packaging boxes from this platform. However, you can customize them as per your needs.

So, if you want to get luxury candle boxes wholesale for your retail or giftable candles, hurry up, hire a good packaging company.

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