Everything You Need to Know About Immigration to Canada with Saskatchewan PNP

Saskatchewan is a Canadian province that offers great employment, sports, and recreation opportunities; has a high quality of life for people residing or moving into the province. One of the most welcomed provinces of Canada with a diverse society comprising vibrant art and different cultures altogether. As per the records for the past two years, Saskatchewan has accounted access to 13,364 immigrants.

There are various programs run to immigrate to Canada, out of which the Saskatchewan PNP program is one of the most popular ones. Based on the labor market and economic demands, Saskatchewan’s province hires skilled workers. Hence, even foreign workers can utilize this program to immigrate to Canada.

Eligibility Criteria of the Saskatchewan PNP

The Saskatchewan PNP Eligibility Process may vary as it is based on the immigration sub-streams, such as Occupation In-Demand, Nurses Stream, Entrepreneur and Farm immigration, Student Stream Immigration, Long-Haul Truck Drivers immigration pathway, Skilled Worker with Existing Work Permit immigration, Saskatchewan Express Entry immigration and more. In this article, we will focus on the eligibility criteria for Saskatchewan Express Entry immigration.

  • Score a minimum of 60 points in the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program assessment grid.
  • Must carry English Language Proficiency Test Score
  • Have completed post-secondary education/Apprenticeship/Training
  • Has a diploma/certificate/degree

You are eligible to apply for Saskatchewan licensure once finished job training. This one requires:

  • Work Experience proof or certificate from the previous company.
  • 1-year work experience in the last 10 years + Canadian 1 year experience in last 3 years for skilled professionals
  • 2-year work experience in the last 5 years + Canadian 1 year experience in last 3 years for skilled tradespeople
  • In-demand occupation in NOC 0, A, or B. Must carry proof of fund settlement or financial proof and should have a settlement plan

Want to Apply for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Visa? We have penned down some of the essential documents required for the Saskatchewan PNP Visa.

  • Bank Statements and Financial Proof
  • A settlement Plan
  • English Language Proficiency Test Score
  • Valid passport and identity proof
  • Medical Test Reports
  • Educational Credential Assessment
  • Job Letter
  • Previous work experience
  • Character Certificate/Police Clearance Certificate
  • If your spouse is immigrating with you, make sure to carry a Marriage certificate.
  • If your dependent child is traveling with you, make sure to carry Dependent Children Information Certificate.

Is it easy to get PR in Saskatchewan? How to Apply for It?

Saskatchewan is one of the best places for aspiring immigrants. Furthermore, it helps create a pathway for Canada’s Permanent Residency. There is a leading provincial program in Canada, also known as Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, that helps foreign skilled professionals to achieve Canadian Permanent Residency. We will focus on Saskatchewan Express Entry Stream best suitable for this provincial nomination. Thus, follow the listed steps to apply for permanent residency with this method:

1: Firstly, it is vital to create an Express Entry Profile.

2: Choose Saskatchewan as a preference for residence.

3: Visit the official Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program online portal to create your profile.

4: Once you have filled in all the details and formalities, authorities of Saskatchewan immigration will shortlist your application.

5: You will also be allotted a specific time period to upload your essential documents in PDF format.

6: If they find you qualify for all the requirements, the authorities will provide you with a provincial nomination.

7: The minute you receive the provincial nomination, you will also have the access to apply for a Canadian permanent resident.

8: Further, you shall receive your visa for the visas avenue.

Immigration to Canada has been a dream for many youngsters, businessmen, people willing to grab more employment or educational opportunities. There are many benefits of being Canada’s permanent resident, such as free universal healthcare services, paid statutory holidays, and maternity leave, work-life balance is better in Canada than in other countries. Most importantly, it is more welcoming and accepts migrants. Hence, if you are willing to move to Canada or one of the best places in Canada, such as Saskatchewan (a Canadian province), follow the above-listed programs and eligibility criteria to achieve the Canadian permanent resident certificate. You can also hire consultants for more guidance and advice on the same. I hope this article will help you to get detailed information on Saskatchewan PNP.

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