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Get Rid of FRP Panels and Install Quality-Assured PVC Panels for Lifetime Insulation

When you think of FRP panels, you consider them advanced paneling for commercial infrastructures. FRP panels have been part of innovative engineering structures for years. Be it enhancing the functionality of transportation, construction, or military industry, FRP panels are considered the prime choice for paneling. Their exceptional stiffness and strength make the FRP panels worth investing in. Besides, they are lightweight and non-corrosive PVC panels that reduce the need for regular maintenance. However, with time, the installation of FRP panels has significantly lost its importance due to other reasons. That’s where PVC panels have become the most chosen cladding materials in the global market. They are groundbreaking panels that help you cover the major insulation, moisture infiltration, and aesthetic issues.

PVC panels or Poly Vinyl Chloride panels have pacified the drawbacks of FRP panels over the years. They are pristine, brightening panels that neither fade nor lose their insulation. Made from 100% pure vinyl, PVC panels have industry-leading ½ inch thickness. Installing commercial PVC panels helps you reap a lot of benefits in return. Read further to know why PVC panels succeeded over FRP panels. Find out the reasons.

PVC Panels are Waterproof- Decrease the Annoying Humidity Easily

FRP panels are long-lasting panels, yet they are poor moisture-resistant panels. They are supported by a backer or OSB, which easily soaks moisture inside their panels. As a result, FRP panels are unsuitable for areas where dampness is a major concern. If you are frustrated with the FRP wall board, get it replaced with PVC panels. PVC panels do not have an in-built backer that does not absorb moisture inside them. 

They ensure no excessive dampness takes place inside the commercial infrastructure. Apart from that, PVC panels show excellent resistance to bacterial infestation. In addition, they have a mold-coated surface that keeps the commercial infrastructure 100% contaminated-free.

PVC Panels are an Excellent Choice for the FireProofing Commercial Infrastructure

When it comes to ensuring a fire-free zone, you cannot rely on FRP panels. They show poor resistance to fire when in high temperatures. Furthermore, when FRP panels come in contact with fire, it eventually produces harmful nitrous oxide gas. As a result, it leads to toxicity, which is unbearable. 

PVC panels are excellent fire-resistant panels. In addition, they have a standard Class-A fire grade feature that repels fire for 1-hour—an ideal choice for keeping the possibility of fire accidents low.

PVC Panels Give You Little to Zero Maintenance- Know Why

FRP panels have a hard time sustaining external impacts for long. Although they are attractive-looking panels, they lose their sheen over time. The attractiveness and brightness fade upon exposure to sunlight, chemicals, and moisture. 

PVC panels are completely contrary to them. They are low-maintenance panels that have stayed in perfect condition for more than 40 years. They do undergo frequent discoloration, peel-off, rusting, and cracks. PVC panels do not give you a headache with multiple replacements, refinishing, and repairing. Besides, PVC Panels are easy to wipe out with a cloth dipped in mild soap or detergent.

PVC Panels are Cost-Effective

When investing in FRP panels, you might save a lot of money, but you have to spend more on fixings. PVC panels are expensive but give you a one-time investment solution. You can save 40% of the material cost and 50% of the labor cost upon installing PVC panels. 

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Change the FRP wall panel to install high-end PVC wallboard for wet commercial interiors