Guide to Launch an Android TV App For Your Brand

The creation of the best OTT Tv apps can raise your revenue and user attention count. 

Did you know that Android TV apps make it easier for video content owners to engage with their users?

Today, most TVs in the current generation’s homes are from top providers, one such being Android TV. The reason is the convenience it offers to access OTT content and traditional TV space in one place. 

Since most of your users prefer this platform to access their entertainment needs, video content owners like you can use this as an opportunity to drive more revenue from your OTT platform. 

This is possible with an android tv app developmentWhen you create an android tv app, you’re making it easier for your users to find, download and access your VOD content. 

So, what exactly are android tv apps, and how can you make an android tv app? 

This blog covers all this information to get you started. 

What Are Android TV Apps?

In simple terms, android tv apps are software that are installed on the TV platform, which is Android TV. 

When a user invests in an Android TV, there is a set of android tv apps that they can explore. 

For a video content owner like you, creating the best ott tv apps similar to android tv apps can improve your app attention and provide you with a better audience. 

Android tv purchases continue to be a preferred choice which is why the decision to create an android tv app will benefit you highly. 

3 Factors Which Define A Good Android TV App Development

1. Easy Access To VOD Content

The main factor in creating android tv apps is the convenience it offers your user to access the VOD content present. Make your app simple. When a user invests in your app, ensure they can find their preferred content easily. Add recommendations, have search bars, voice controls, categorize your content genre, etc. 

2. Better UI Interface

Having a good UI interface matters because this will improve the overall experience of your users. There are multiple ways to create a better UI interface as long as you have one goal in mind, enhancing the user experience. Add tools that can help maximize the user experience, such as subtitles, video quality options, audio languages, etc. Have simple drop-downs where users can skip to the next VOD content, etc. 

3. Simple Remote Navigation

The way your android tv apps will work is when it becomes easy to control them via the smartphone remote given to users. Ensure the connection of the remote and the action on the screen is smooth. Have simple engagement keeping the remote controls in mind. For instance, have the same back button as shown in the remote, etc. 

3 Simple Ways To Build Android TV App

1. Invest In A Professional Developer

The number one way to build an android tv app is to hire a professional developer. These developers are well versed in the technical language and can help you set up your android tv apps much quicker. 

However, this form to create an android tv app can be expensive since hiring a good and experienced developer is costly. Apart from this, searching for a reliable developer is also time-consuming since they need to meet all your app requirements. Once you get a developer, you also need to observe their work to decide whether they are the right match for your aa development needs. 

2. Use A Ready-To-Use App Template

If you wish to move away from the first option, you can still create an android tv app with the use of a ready-to-use app template. Multiple options are available, and you can build the app if you’re good at the technical aspects. These templates can help you get started immediately. 

However, the drawback here is that using this template can be difficult if you’re not tech-savvy. Thus seeking help, and having back-to-back engagements to set up the android tv apps can be tiresome and consume more time. 

3. Invest In An OTT TV App Provider

Investing in good OTT app builders can be helpful and has proven to be a good investment when considering developing an android tv app. These providers are skilled in this profession and offer you a good package in return for your investment. Instead of you having to invest in multiple places for different features and solutions, these providers offer them all in one place. Here are a few benefits of investing in them:

  • Provide a white-label platform option
  • Provide multiple revenue-driven payment options
  • Offer many features such as a customizable interface, fast app releases, in-app purchases, etc. 


Conducting an OTT tv app development allows you to offer your user the convenience to access quality content with a single click. 

The biggest perk you receive as a video content owner when you build an android tv app is the user’s attention globally. 

Since your user attention will be diverse in nature, this will significantly impact your revenue and push you further than your competitors.