Healthcare Social Media Marketing – 6 Marketing Ideas

Social media is more than just communicating with family and friends. People gather here to get the latest news. This is where your clients look for recommendations and even medical help. Social media has become a place where you can find loyal and long-term patients. Today we will look at social media marketing in the healthcare field.

For the healthcare industry, social media is helping to engage patients, find new partnerships, and build trust in doctors. For example, the study showed that 57% of patients decide where to get treatment based on data from social networks.

Healthcare and Social Media: Benefits of Marketing

Before exploring your new strategy’s marketing ideas, let’s look at the benefits of a great social media marketing campaign.

The most obvious advantage of social media marketing for healthcare professionals in communicating with patients in real time. In addition, the more you communicate with your customers, the more you build trust.

When someone suffers, they want support from someone they trust and know. Social media makes important connections with your target market, so you become the obvious choice for those seeking medical care.

Social Media Marketing in the field of healthcare provides some advantages:

  • The ability to educate patients: Social media and content marketing allows physicians to share useful information with patients. This helps keep preventive visits proactive and makes it easier for clients to determine what care they need.
  • Seeking Collaboration: Through social media such as LinkedIn, health experts collaborate with their peers in the industry to broaden their skills and improve their knowledge. Social networking also enhances your chances of referrals from other doctors and surgeons.
  • Expand brand awareness: Almost every brand today knows they must be active on the Internet to get the largest possible share of customers. Clever social media marketing in healthcare will help you reach the right target audience for you and your specialty.

So, how can you use healthcare social media marketing to reach new audiences? To get off to a good start, follow these six guidelines:

Create a pleasant look

Health is a serious topic, but that doesn’t mean your brand has to be bleak. Reassure your customers that they don’t have to be afraid of visiting.

See, for example, United Healthcare’s “We’ll Make You Laugh” campaign. This marketing strategy is a fantastic example of how healthcare brands engage with their followers and raise awareness of important concepts. In addition, the website hosts monthly quizzes and contests that encourage people to get actively involved in health care.

The advertising campaign was successful because it was fun, interesting, and in every way, different from the bullying approach to healthcare. This encouraged people to make one positive change to their lifestyle each month and post it on social media. Encouraging patients to participate in the wellness process improves their quality of life and draws attention to your brand. In addition, a branded hashtag like My Hospital can help you attract new people to your practice.

Use Viral Marketing

Social media is all it takes to build dynamic relationships. Every minute, over 120 new LinkedIn accounts are created, 452,000 tweets are sent, and 900,000 Facebook accounts are created. The key to a successful healthcare marketing agency is figuring out how to activate an engaged community in a way that positively impacts your brand.

Viral marketing has been a buzzword over the last few years and has been used to refer to social media marketing campaigns that quickly grab the attention of a wide audience. Healthcare companies are ideal for viral marketing because they focus on a topic that affects everyone. Everyone wants to fight cancer, cure disease, and live a healthy life.

You only need to find a way to connect with a community that is already prepared to act. For example, partnering with a good cause in a campaign can be the perfect way to show your patients how much you care about them.

Be a source of useful information

One of the reasons diseases seem scary is the fact that we don’t understand them. When people search for a physician, they are looking for someone to help them deal with issues they may not fully understand. One of the best ideas you can use in your healthcare marketing strategy is to show your customers that you are a trusted source of in-depth clinical knowledge.

In a world where today’s patients are constantly looking for a diagnosis for their pain online, you must be the one to provide the answer. Use social media pages to share links to blogs and case studies to help your patients answer tough questions about disease prevention and healthcare.

Use infographics

While sharing valuable information as part of healthcare marketing campaigns is important, it’s also worth readily sharing that information. While doctors and nurses often use medical jargon and percentages to explain things, hard facts don’t take root on social media.

Remember that social media marketing in healthcare should be emotional and interesting. Create content for an audience that doesn’t know much about the medical industry. The easiest way to do this is to assume that you are writing for someone who does not know your niche.

Visuals are often the easiest way to connect with your audience when creating easily digestible content. For example, an infographic about influenza myths is much easier to digest and share than a 10-page study. Look for ways to make difficult information easier for your audience to understand. For example, Health Digest recently posted an image gallery on Facebook with quick tips on how people can get rid of pain without medication. Remember, simple and useful content encourages your audience to share it with their friends, which helps increase your brand’s reach.

Personalize your brand

More than any other industry, healthcare is dependent on relationships. Illness is scary, and your patients want to feel comfortable with their chosen doctor. That’s why it’s important to go beyond your brand pages when investing in healthcare marketing goals.

Your nurses, doctors, and even administrative staff are the people who interact with your patients daily. They know your customers’ problems and understand how to get in touch with them. Engaging your staff with an employee advocacy campaign can greatly get more people involved in your healthcare practice.

For example, you can ask your employees to link to your page or even post videos of tips and tricks from people within your team. Even publishing photos of your team will have a positive impact on the success of your social media marketing strategy.

Healthcare Social Media Marketing – summary

Today, the development of social networks and Internet marketing makes it easier and faster to connect with your patients. Using the tips and strategies above, healthcare professionals can find new ways to communicate with audiences, showcase their expertise, and expand their practice. Don’t forget to track your marketing campaigns as they go. The more aware you are of what content your audience responds to the best, the easier it will be to create an online strategy that truly resonates with your patients.

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