History of Hot Stone Massage and Some Hot Stone Massage facts?

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Hot Stone Therapy facts in full detail. You must be aware that people are paying so much attention to their health now and are using many different methods to fix their health.


One of the best ways is hot stone massage and by using hot stone massage, you can get rid of problems like exhaustion from your body and you can make your body healthy.


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History of Hot Stone Therapy


friends we will tell for your information Hot stone treatment has been used by many people for a long time. But, the history of stone therapy begins with the origins of the cultures of ancient China, Japan and the Indians of North America.


The energy of the hot stones attracted a large number of people from all over the world. These stones were carried over long distances for the glory of the gods and kings. Until now, stones are a kind of energy source.


Various amulets from the evil eye are made from stones, they are placed in pockets for good luck, pebbles are cut to bring wealth and mutual understanding in the family, then we will tell for your information


Many cultures of the peoples of the world believe that stones remember and participate in everything that happens on our planet.then we will tell for your,


information American Indians used the power of hot stones in a variety of situations: hot stones were placed in incense on the abdomens of women suffering from painful menstruation, and also to relieve painful symptoms.


Many magicians and healers of the time used the stones for many ceremonies and rituals. Stones and crystals were used, which had a cleansing and unblocking effect on a person. Then we will tell for your information Some magicians used the power of stones to cure diseases.


Stone Technique will relax the body, energize it for the whole day. In turn, the Chinese used the energy of hot stones to relax tired muscles. then we will tell for your information Today, it is used as an independent cosmetic procedure, widely used in beauty salons, cosmetic and health centers.


According to Eastern doctors, the natural energy of stones is able to withstand stress, tension, negative energy. Each stone has a charge of positive energy that affects the deeper systems of health and energy harmony.

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Properties of Stone Therapy Stone


Do you know guy’s Sea, marble, basalt, and semi-precious stones are widely used in stone therapy? Basalt stones are the most popular. And it’s no coincidence.


Basalt slowly releases heat. This property contributes to the active softening of tissues, relaxation of muscles, warming of some cold areas of the body.


Hot stones work gently on the muscles, relaxing them. Also, metabolic processes are activated in the body, due to which there is a feeling of peace of mind and physical balance.


The procedure dilates blood vessels, improves local blood circulation and excretion of metabolic products. In addition to hot stones, cold stones are also used, alternately hot stones.


It contributes to an increase in muscle tone, an increase in the supply of oxygen to tissues, and also contributes to the contraction of blood vessels and capillaries.


For the massage to be most effective, the supplement uses essential oils that are applied to the stones and skin. Essential oils have a tonic, drainage, stimulating, relaxing effect.


Due to the heat of the stones and special massage techniques, the effect of the oils is at times intensified. Based on this, a variant of stone therapy emerged – aroma stone massage.

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