How To Make Your Home Perfect For Summer Arrival

Summertime is a busy time, most people would want to go out and have fun with friends and family. Cleaning the house might be left at the back of one’s mind because of this.

It is important to have a clean home during the summer season because it will help keep pests away from your home, which you can’t do if there is too much clutter.

Some of these pests can also carry diseases that might be harmful to people’s health. Some activities that you should do to prepare your home for the summer season are listed below, read on and find out!

Thorough Home Cleaning

The first (and most important) thing to do is clean your entire house from top to bottom. Start with the ceiling and work down, do not forget ceilings too!

Dust all surfaces including window panes, table tops, bedside tables, and dressers. Vacuum all the upholstery of chairs and couches in your living room.

Wipe mirrors clean, especially if there is a tendency for condensation to form on their surfaces. You should also properly clean your AC. We recommend you to take the help of the professionals like air conditioning Sydney for maintenance of AC. 

Kitchen Cleaning

Wash all of your dishes. Wash or disinfect cutting boards and make sure that they are dry before putting them back in their storage place. If there is any spillage on the flooring–wipe it up with a solution containing bleach to keep away infectious bacteria.

Put away all of your food items and wash containers thoroughly with water and soap as well as dry them completely if they are made from glass or plastic.

Store food in its container, not just on the countertop or left out on a plate. Clean the counters and stovetop before you store them back into their storage place.

Revamp Bathroom

Wash all of your bathrooms towels and put them back into their storage place. Change the shower curtain or wash it if necessary.

If you have an air freshener, spray some in the bathroom for a pleasant smell after using it. Wash inside of toilet bowl with water and soap to eliminate bad odors before putting the seat cover down.

Make Bedroom Perfect For Sound Sleep

After you have washed all of the sheets and pillowcases, remake your bed with clean sheets to get a good night’s rest. If you wash these items every week, then this should not be too much of a problem for you even if it is summertime.

Window Cleaning

If you tend to close your windows when it is hot, think twice or thrice about opening all of them before going out for a walk. If your house smells stale because you have been keeping the windows closed to prevent excessive heating, this might be a tip for future reference.

AC Maintenance

It is best to have the air conditioning running before you leave for work or just go out. If your house has been closed up, it might get too humid for personal comfort.

It does not hurt to check on it if it is working properly because this will lessen the chance of malfunctioning while you are gone. You should call the professionals like ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors for the maintenance of your AC. 

Keep Pets Away from Home

Keep your pets away from garbage areas by cleaning up food leftovers immediately. If you have a pet who likes to eat spoiled foods, this should be something that you should pay attention to. Check the expiration dates of food items to see if they are fit for human consumption.

Inspect Area Around Home

Inspect the area around your house often for any signs that pests have been there. If you need help on what pests tend to infest certain areas, it would be best to consult an exterminator about this. They have the expertise to look for signs of pests in your home.

Get Rid Of Cockroaches

If you see any insect inside your house, act immediately to get rid of it before it multiplies and causes pest infestation in your home. It should be easier to get rid of them now that the weather has turned warm and more insects will be coming into your house.

Add Some Plants In Room

If you have a few extra dollars to spend, why not invest in some plants for your home? Not only do these look nice and create a more natural environment for you to enjoy.

But there’s also research that shows that indoor plants can help reduce the concentration of chemicals in your home. This is a great way to make sure all of those nasty odors are gone for good!

Try New Wall Decorations

You may have some old wall decorations around your house, but it’s time to treat yourself to something new. Luckily, there are several ways you can make this happen without going outside your budget.

You could search online for great deals on new wall decor or pick up a few pieces from the dollar store to get started.

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